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16 February 2010


Dixon Cruickshank

People like him are what made this country what it is/was today. They work their butt off for really nothing in monatary means, just for the pleasure, sounds like a good guy to know.

Steve Enos

Well done to Fred and Margie for all their kind and selfless efforts. Our community has many fine folks and these two are at the top of the list!

Thank You, Thank You, Thank You!



Fred is a very special person. As a retired international banker he volunteered to go to Iraq and help set up Iraq's banking system after we took control of the country. It is important to note that Margie, Fred's wife was also one of the major player in Friends success. As he said, she has "had his back" for the last 46 years. They met on the back of a Army tank on a training range in So Cal, and it took him 114 day to convince her to marry him. They have been a strong team from that day forward. Two of the nicest people you would ever want to meet.


Thanks, George.

Friends of Nevada County Military has been successful because of a desire from people all over our county to send our troops and their families a strong message of support. It has always been that way. During the Vietnam era a group sent cookies to troops from Nevada County serving in Vietnam. "Friends" is keeping up that tradition. Since 2004 we have sent over 4,000 gift boxes to service men and women deployed to Iraq, Afghanistan and elsewhere. Thanks to you and the folks of Nevada County for your support.


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