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03 February 2010


Steve Enos

Looks like the data shows that under the "conservative" Board of Supervisors the salaries and benefits have gone up and up and up until a very slight retreat in 09/10.

Mikey McD

George, "salaries and benefits" have most likely climbed (despite a decline in the # of employees) because of the gigantic unfunded liability hole the county finds themselves digging out of (thanks to previous BOS' plan amendments etc).

Nev Co could decrease to approx 700 employees in 2011 and still see a rise in "salaries and benefits" (at which point the UL takes the 2008 market crash into account). How long until the county exists solely to pay for retiree benefits and nothing else?

Steve Enos

By the way it was the "previous" Lib BOS that started the County reserve fund program. One just needs to review the budgets for the "Lib" years and the actions they took to address long term finance to see some facts.

But keep saying it was the past BOS and keep saying Obama is casusing the current financial melt down that he was handed by Bush and his friends... now that's consistent!

Mikey McD

Steve, may I suggest you read my comment again. You added "Lib BOS" to my comment. I was simply pointing out the fact that the current # of employees is not the only part of the "salaries and benefits" equation. You were correct however, that it was a more liberal BOS that created the current UL crisis via plan amendments and unsustainable/unsuccessful employee contract negotiations (6% cost of living raises regardless of performance- R U Serious!).

I will agree not to put words into your mouth if you provide me the same courtesy.

p.s. I have not defended Bush (or Obama) a day in my life.


Without getting into a lengthy comment as to why, I will say that because of the horrible situation the whole state is in (and will remain in for a while), we are probably going to see some new trends downward. I wouldn't even be surprised to see new retirement percentages ratchited back for new hires. I think everyone peaked in 08, we had our fun, it's over, big surprise.

Dixon Cruickshank

6% COL are you serious - whose COL ? inflation-not, you can't get 3% on cash - and your proud of that Steve, no wonder they started some reserve fund they knew the chit would hit the fan.

John I do hope that you guys can rien in this stuff, otherwise its just beyond hope but it also takes 2 to tango. I would also bet you couldn't handle the job applications if you could decertify the unions and re-hire as non-union. Greece is trying that and all the Gov employee's are striking, good luck on that, just look at the comments to Georges columns in the union when he brings it up - tax everybody more to pay us what we're really worth

Oh and by the way Steve, I really will be wearing my flip flops tomorrow, mid 70's again, weekend cold front though - touche' on hooking me though until I checked weatherunderground for your weather, good job my friend LOL

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