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24 February 2010


Account Deleted

In short, as go the dummies, so goes the nation... Agreed! See my last post on Constructive Fraud. The Republic still stands (barely), it's the citizens that are the problem. Dem vs. Rep isn't the question. It's how many of the voters understand the tenets of the Declaration Of Independence and the Constitution? The Bee had a political cartoon the other day showing Uncle Sam telling the Rep elephant that if BO fails, so will the nation. Boy, did that ever show the problem. As long as we look for an elected official to save us and provide hope, we are finished.

Dixon Cruickshank

We saw some of the public school indoctraination first hand this year, of course its been going on but we just never saw, I guess this is the manifistation. Since they are inexperinced in life their choices I would think would be more idealogical, they don't understand budgets and deficts or entitlement programs yet. This is also a problem with a unionized monopoly in education - its like union indoctraination. 30/40 yrs ago people became teachers because they wanted to teach and the union didn't seem to be an issue.

On another quick note George: I struck me as ironic the Greeks had 2 mill workers striking, they are actually striking against themselves - there are only 11 mill in the whole country - take out seniors and kids, not much left. They all work for the Gov almost so they are the Gov - unions you gotta love'em

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