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07 February 2010


RL Crabb

As sad and scary as your assessment is, I can't find much fault with it. As a cartoonist who has been hit with the racist tag more than once in my long career, I was amused by the reaction to your raghead comment. It was obvious to me that you did it to push some buttons and you hit the target dead center.
Perhaps I am more aware of these attitudes because of my profession. Cartoonists have been high on the hit list of Islamic terrorists since the publication of the Mohammad cartoons in Europe a few years back. A lot of my fellows are still under police protection with a price on their heads. Of course, no one yells foul when Muslim cartoonists spoon feed hate and murder to their children, except for Jon Stewart on The Daily Show last week.
Stewart did a piece featuring the latest Hamas kiddie show, where little Palestinians are encouraged to become weapons of the faith and to kill as many Jews as possible. Talk about racist!
Sometimes I think we are headed toward World War Three no matter which way we go. The Liberals want to go the Chamberlain route, figuring if they just talk long enough the Muslims will get tired and give up. Conservatives want to kick their asses back to Mecca, like we did in the last World War. If we were to get hit again like we did on 9/11, that view would no doubt prevail.
Or we could spend another 50 years nibbling around the edges like we did with the Soviet Union. As recents events in Iran have shown, not everyone in old Persia is onboard with the Mullahs. Maybe we should bomb them with rock'n'roll and South Park DVDs.

George Rebane

Agreed, and I think you hit it on the head Bob. We have already bombed them with "rock n' roll and South Park DVDs" against which they have no commensurate defense and they know it. They can defend their culture only by going on the road they are now on, and hope that we're 'too civilized' to respond in kind. And most of us can agree that we should keep bombing them with rock n' roll etc.

Steve Enos

During WW II many in America used the term “Japs” overseas and here at home. Then here at home they rounded up American citizens that they called “Japs”, took away their real estate, businesses, broke apart their families and “interned” them in concentration camps.

I take the position this was clearly wrong on so many levels. I take the position it was a violation of the Constitution of the United Sates of America to do so. These were mostly American citizens and their only reason for being sent to concentration camps was the fact that they were of Japanese heritage.

“Jap’s” and “ragheads” are nothing more than racist terms and there is no place for them to be used. We are better than that.

Michael Anderson

Even though I think Tom Friedman is mostly a boob and not a very good writer, his knowledge of the Middle East and Asia is comprehensive and when he writes about the conflict between Islam and the west, he describes a more nuanced problem than you, George. "Us vs. Them" is too reductionist IMHO.

Bombing them not only with rock & roll, but also economic hope, still hasn't been tried. Yes, that might lead to the Great Tripling, but the alternative is much worse.


Bald head white guys making pronouncements is one reason we are in the current wars.
Why were the towers attacked?
What did Bin Laden say he did it for?
It wasn't because he hates our freedom.

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