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03 February 2010


Mikey McD

Citizens Power Initiative in CA is a great start.


Some of the groups listed as supporting 2009'S PROP 1A (TAX INCREASES FOR CA) are:

* California Teachers Association
* California Fire Chiefs Association
* California Police Chiefs Association
* California State Council of Laborers


Don't RR readers and some of their family members benefit from very same public unions they are now bashing?

Dixon Cruickshank


Mikey McD



Huh? I could have sworn some of their family members had benefitted from those same public unions for years." Okey dokey, artichokey."


No, No and No


I really of not think it is the individual union members are the problem, it is the leadership that are calling the shots and doing the horse trading with political leaders, trading votes for money.

Dixon Cruickshank

Hey guys checkout Greece today, austerity program - HA customs and tax emplyee's strike and more to come - why you ask ?? freezing Gov workers pay to aviod BK. Real team players, as it appears in our country too they just shutdown needed Gov service and get their way - we should do what they did years ago when the air traffic controllers struck - hire new guys and say - SEE YA


Capital share holders are already a "Union." There is no difference between them and a labor union. Banded together for mutual interests. heart and soul of both institutions. In numbers, be it cash, capital equipment, or workers, there is strength.

George Rebane

JesusB 1129am - astounding and revealing semantics from a liberal mind. Never mind that the "capital shareholders" are the OWNERS of the business for which labor represents a cost, which when increased, reduces the ability to the business to remain viable and employ labor. As recent events have underscored (e.g. Hostess bankruptcy), unions have a totally different and contending motivation in how they participate in the operation of a company struggling to compete and survive.

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