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11 February 2010


Dixon Cruickshank

but I did not inhale

Nuff said

"Pruett said he counseled AtPac to sue the county."

Barry Pruett

First for clarification, I never counseled anyone to sue the county. I counseled AtPac that redress through the court was an option, and they declined to seek such legal redress.

Second, I do want to thank The Union for its detailed reporting of the fraud lawsuit being filed against Clerk-Recorder Greg Diaz by a software vendor. I appreciate the fact that they documented that I had no role in the instigation of this lawsuit, as I have not represented that vendor for over five months.

That being said, I hope something is very clear. While my campaign did not lead to this dispute, the facts behind this dispute – and my firsthand knowledge of Greg Diaz’ actions – most definitely led to my campaign.

We have had years of instability and drama in our Clerk-Recorder’s office. The one consistent thread through these many years is a clear lack of judgment on the part of the individual holding that office. It’s time for a change – and I intend to bring professional, fair, non-partisan, common sense judgment to the job of Nevada County Clerk-Recorder.

Greg Diaz and his political team did a fine job trying to explain away his actions, but the facts are clear. The vendor in question, AtPac, is a local small business who provides its important software to counties across the country. In California alone, AtPac’s software is trusted by Clerk-Recorders in counties like San Francisco, Sacramento, Contra Costa, El Dorado, Yolo, Fresno, and many more.

Diaz admits that he didn’t oversee the bid process correctly, and thus didn’t even know that our local small business hadn’t been invited to bid. He then made a very poor decision – one that all of those other counties I listed above firmly disagree with – that he should not only waste $54,000 to go with a higher bidder, but also shift a total of $357,000 of our taxpayer dollars to an out of state firm. That’s an outrage!

Now, I have no financial stake or ownership interest in this local small business. Even if I’m elected, the county already has a contract with its new provider, so it’s unlikely this injustice will be reversed.

But I do know this: when it comes to trying to support our local economy, and provide jobs for our local citizens, I will always put Nevada County first and do my best to keep our tax dollars in our local community – especially when our local small businesses will provide the best value for the taxpayers!

Greg’s political team is quick point out that this company is one of the Nevada County small businesses who have supported my campaign financially. Well, who can blame them? Greg Diaz is not just indifferent to Nevada County’s business community – he actually works actively to deny them business even when they have the best price. I’m proud to have the support of Nevada County’s business community, and I will work every day as Clerk-Recorder to help them create jobs, not attack them.

The citizens of Nevada County have had enough, and it’s time for change in the Clerk-Recorder’s office. We don’t want a Clerk-Recorder who goes through four assistant recorders in fifteen months, actively works to shift contracts to out-of-state companies at premium prices, and refuses to support the Vote Safe Now Initiative that will ensure free and fair elections.

My campaign is supported by a broad coalition of Republicans, Democrats and independents who want a professional, non-partisan, and community-oriented Clerk-Recorder who will put Nevada County first. That’s why I’m running for this office, and if that’s what you’re looking for in our county government, I welcome you to join our campaign, regardless of your political affiliation.

Nuff said

"Greg has done an exemplary job in bringing stability, order and transparency to an office left in confusion and disarray after the abandonment of it by his predecessor. His sense of fairness and ethical conduct has been amply demonstrated by his meticulous, objective adherence to election laws and procedures and by his commitment to ensuring that voters in Nevada County enjoy unfettered access to the exercise of their rights."
Nathan H. Beason
First District Supervisor
County of Nevada

Nuff said

First, you say here that you did not counsel the AtPac to sue, but in The Union ...

"After Aptitude Solutions won the contract, Pruett said he counseled AtPac to sue the county. Its leaders hesitated, because the contract was relatively small compared to most others they had, and they feared the fallout, Pruett added."

Which is true? Have you taken this up with the reporter who wrote this story?

Second, is AtPac a Nevada County business? The owner lives in Nevada County, but in which county does AtPac pay taxes, Nevada or Placer?

Third, you say Diaz admitted to not overseeing the process correctly ... when and where was this admission made and documented?

Fourth, you mention instability by the individual holding this office. That instability has been removed, when Kathleen Smith was vacated by the board of supervisors. Diaz certainly cannot be held accountable for the instability of which you speak. Otherwise why would the board of supervisors praise him as found above?

Fifth, and most importantly, what EXPERIENCE do you have running an election? What do you bring to the position that makes you a better choice for the position than Diaz?

Barry Pruett

We have had years of drama out of the Clerk-Recorder’s office and Greg is continuing that saga. He’s gone through four assistant recorders in fifteen months. He takes contracts from our local businesses and shifts them to out of state business. If this lawsuit is to be believed (and it remains to be seen), he may have done so improperly. If that’s what “experience” gets you, then perhaps what we really need is some good old-fashioned judgment to make the right decisions.

I’ve been a Director of Business Development for Apple Computer, have been a small business owner, and am an attorney knowledgeable about election law. I’m going to run a strong and professional non-partisan office as our next clerk-recorder. I’m being supported in this race by Republicans, Democrats and independents of all stripes who think it’s time we end the drama in our Clerk-Recorder’s office, and that’s exactly what I’m going to do.

Enuff Said

Nuff Said- If I were running for Clerk Recorder I would not want Nathan Beason's endorsement (a.k.a. kiss of death).

Mr. Pruett's comment clears a lot up.

Steve Enos

Mr. Pruett tells two versions of his story.

You see folks in the last few days Mr. Prueet has provded two different versions of when he stoppped working for Atpac.

On two blog sites he says he stopped working for Atpca 5 months ago. In The Union Pruett says he stopped working for Atpac 8 months ago. Which is it?

You see it matters when one compares the date Pruett first starting saying he would run and the date he stopped working for Atpac. As in, was he still working for Atpac he he said he would run?

And why did Pruett fail to disclose the facts that he worked for Atpca? Why didn't Mr. Pruett say one word about Atpca being his largest campaign funder? Why no disclosure of this to the public?

Pruett only talked about this to defend his actions AFTER the public found out via a blog and then The Union stories that ran three days in a row to cover this information. He hide this and now rants to defend it. Sorry, no sale to the public on this one, Pruett is now toast.

Pruett claimed he wasn't involved in Atpac's actions, but has said "After Aptitude Solutions won the contract, Pruett said he counseled AtPac to sue the county". In Pruett's world 1 + 1 = 6 it seems.

Oh, it was the conservative Board of Supervisors that voted 5-0 to dump Atpac as Atpac didn't want to get certified with the state to provide the needed recording systems the County wanted to save taxpayers money. It was also our Board of Supervisor that selected Daiz to the office.

Isn't it interesting that Pruett doesn't talk about having experience, training or education in the field or requirments of being a Clerk Recorder and running the elecation process? That's because Pruett has no experience, training or education in the field, as in... no qualifications to hold this important office.

The biggest joke of all is his "non-partisan' claim. What a total load! You be Mr. Pruett and Sara Palin is "non-partisan" too.

Mr. Pruett, you are now wasting our time. There is no way you get elected now the truth is out.

Steve Enos

Sue Horne was on the BOS at the time and was one of the 5-0 that voted to drop Atpac and for good reason! The Aubrn Journal has a story about this too now:

“The current core system does not automate many document-handling processes compared to newer systems,”

"The manual document handling processes are time-consuming and do not lend to efficient and effective time management of staff and the fluctuating legal mandates or demands of document processing"

"The changes can be made to improve document handling, but at high cost to Nevada County. AtPac will charge the county for each change to existing system functions whereas the new systems are available at lower costs and offered as core services on new systems.”

"Aptitude Solutions’ program is totally self-contained, where AtPac’s required the county to contract with third parties to accomplish some legislative mandates".

“For example, there’s a law stating we have to redact the first five digits of Social Security numbers,… With AtPac, we would have had to contract with a third party to accomplish that mandate".

Seems Atpac's "product" wasn't up to the task. Maybe Atpac needs to update their "products" to keep up with technology and the needs of their customers.

Nuff said

Mr. Pruett,

You answered two of my five questions. I appreciate you addressing what you deem instability in the office and sharing your lack of experience in running an election.

However, of course, you failed to respond to the inconsistency of your own words to The Union newspaper and here. If I were the reporter, I would want to know whether you told me incorrect information, as now his credibility is called into question.

Also, Nevada County or Placer County, where do AtPac's taxes go? You're saying its a Nevada County business, but I believe it operates out of Placer County.

And, again, you assert Diaz "admitted" to failing to offer proper oversight on the bid process. When and where did he make this admission?

Words matter, especially from someone asking for my vote.

Steve Enos

Let's see Mr. Pruett (and George too),

I'm thinking the above statement by Supervisor Beason about sums it up.

This combined with the fact that Berry Pruett has no qualifications for the position, failed to disclose his representation of Atpac and the little fact that Pruett's number one campaign funder is AtPac means one thing (which Pruett "forgot" to mention) delivers any thinking person to the conclusion Pruett is toast and the extreme right, Tea Party clan will chock up another loss in June.

George, so are you still 100% behind Pruett? Can you explain how you believe he is qualified for the position?

Steve Enos

PS: Atpac is a Placer County business Mr.Pruett, located in AUBURN.

Will Mr. Prustt answer the questions that have been raised above?

Will George explain why he believes Pruett is qualified for the position?

What qualifications, education, training or experience in the field of Clerk-Recorder and head of elections does Pruett have?

Will Pruett tell the public which version of his recent and differing stories are true regarding when he stoppped working for Atpac? Was it 5 months ago or was it 8 months ago or does Pruett want to now pick a new number?

Barry Pruett

Mr. Enos:

Instead of bloviating, please read the detailed articles and my responses. The answers to all of your questions are available if you would bother to read them.

Also, thank you for your extraordinary interest in this race. I am sure that you have been posing similar questions to Greg Diaz related to why he gave a local company's software to its Florida competitor.

Steve Enos

Sorry Mr. Pruett, but that is not the case.

As an example, can you tell us if you stoppped working for Atpac 8 months ago as you stated in The Union story or was it 5 months ago as stated here and on Jeff P's website?

And wasn't it the Nevada County BOS that voted 5-0 to dump Atpac and go with another provider? Diaz didn't vote, it was the BOS that made the decision to dump Atpac and the BOS explained why, including the desire to save taxpayers money.

Supervisor Beason has endorsed Daiz and not you, but what the heck does Nate know?

So Mr. Pruett... can you answer this simple question? Was it 8 months ago or 5 months that you stopeed working for Atpac? Which answer do you what to use today?

Steve Enos

It's sad to see a person running for public office that insults a voter with some name calling for asking questions. Campaign 101 says, bad idea to insult voters, bad idea to call them names and to refuse to answer the questions.

This shows a lack of basic respect and understanding by the candidate. And remember that Mr. Pruett wants to be the one that is the gate keeper of our elections here in Nevada County.

It's these types of things, combined with failing to disclose his past employment by Atpac and Atpac being his number one campaign funder that now have many R's walking away from Pruett's election bid. Pruett is toast now, that is very clear.

Maybe this is one of many reasons Supervisor Beason has endorsed Greg Daiz and did not endorsed Barry Pruett... which says a whole lot!

Mr. Pruett... hope this isn't too "bloviating" for you.

Steve Enos

"Having known Greg Diaz for the last 20 years, I can say that he is one of the most knowledgeable county clerk-recorders in the state. Since he was selected to head Nevada County's office, he has implemented one of the most advanced recording systems in the country, while at the same time modernizing the Elections part of the office to meet the ever more stringent federal and state standards and improve service to voters."

Bruce Bolinger
Nevada County Clerk-Recorder, 1980-1998

Steve Enos

Will Mr. Pruett answer this simple question? Stealing a TV game show line we again ask Mr. Pruett... what's your "final answer"?

Mr. Pruett please tell the public which version of your recent and differing stories are true regarding when you stoppped working for Atpac.

In The Union story Mr. Pruett said it was 8 months ago, on George's blog and JP's blog Mr. Pruett said it was 5 months ago.

So, was it 5 months ago or 8 months ago or do you want to offer another version?... final answer please.


After reading all this, the Union and having absolutely no previous knowledge of who or what the NCCR did, there is no way I would vote for Pruett.

Nuff said

Mr. Pruett,
Cannot say I'm impressed with your lack of a response to my questions above, and now certainly not by the slimy e-mail letter you sent out. Though you are an attorney, you don't mention the lawsuit is merely an allegation at this point. And you suggest your daughter's opponent might not be doing her job at The Union. This is pure slime. It might be typical politics to you ... the politics we're so sick of seeing at the national levels through those in the shadows over the internet, etc. But folks here are an intelligent -- tho passionate -- group. We want to know why one candidate is the best choice over another. We want to know what you will bring to office.
But apparently, you're not one of us.
You have not earned my vote, sir.

"Is clerk-recorder candidate Barry Pruett twisting his own facts?"


Steve Enos

Feb. 18, 2010 - "The California Association of Clerks and Elections Officials has taken a position of neutrality on the Vote Safe Now initiative," Nevada County Clerk-Recorder Gregory Diaz said today in response to a call yesterday for adoption of the measure made by State Sen. Sam Aanestad and attorney Barry Pruett.

"As a matter of principle, a county Clerk-Recorder should not take a position on any ballot measure or candidate," Diaz said. "He or she must remain neutral in all respects. For any candidate for Clerk-Recorder to take the chairmanship of a political campaign while running for County Clerk-Recorder shows poor judgment. To do so brings into question that person's ability to administer the office impartially."

Pruett has announced his intention to run against Diaz. Pruett is the Nevada County chairman for the initiative to place the Vote Safe Now initiative on the state ballot.

"As the Nevada County Clerk-Recorder, I am doing everything I can to make sure there is no voter fraud in Nevada County. Some of the things I have done are the following: We have deleted from the voter files fifteen hundred persons who have died or moved. Nine hundred duplicate voters also were removed.

"The new system of computerized signature-verification I adopted allows us to catch any suspicious signatures and conversely, verify difficult signatures on returned Mail Ballot envelopes; and I have taken steps to improve training of election board workers in handling such things as provisional voters and the steps you take to ensure the provisional ballots can be researched properly by the election's office before counting their ballots."

"The County Clerk-Recorder is a professional, administrative position; not a legal position," Diaz added. "Over the years, I have seen candidates for the office of Clerk-Recorder who are attorneys, have legal experience in some field that has nothing to do with elections. As County Clerk, if legal issues arise, you rely on County Counsel and the Secretary of State's office for advice. They are the experts; they have the necessary legal experience. It is essential, in my judgment, for the holder of this professional office to chart a strict central course, treating all clients and voters with strict impartiality. The office of County Clerk-Recorder is an administrative position. The County Clerk-Recorder needs administrative experience in the duties of the office," Diaz concluded.

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