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14 February 2010


Dixon Cruickshank

George I saw it at Russ'es to and said the same thing - What the hell did she just say? sounded like some ramblings from some crackpot on the corner about connecting buildings and whatever - maybe one of the Steve's can translate WTF the plan actually is, that was worse than reading some actual passages from Obamacare.

Steven Frisch

Great article in the New York Times on the Patriot Movement.


Perhaps we should just call it the "right wing movement dominated by white conspiracy theory fanatics who formerly followed gun toting militia's who advocate the violent overthrow of the US government" movement.


George Rebane

Thanks for the link to the NYT article Steve. And your interpretation of the overall patriot movement perfectly illustrates why we now fear each other.

Mikey McD

NYT article does its best appease the freedom hating readers they serve. It shocks me that folks can be against the values of the TPP: "Fiscal Responsibility, Constitutionally Limited Government and Free Markets".

In contrast those opposed by the peaceful TPP's must desire more fiscal irresponsibility, a larger unconstitutional government, and enslaving "markets." Classic case of "good versus evil" if you ask me.

p.s. I agree with the core values of the TPP and I do not watch Glenn Beck (or listen to Rush).

Steven Frisch

If it walks like a militia, talks like a militia, acts like a militia, associates with a militia, emulates a militia and does not care if people think its a militia, chances are pretty good its a militia.

Mikey McD

Frisch, it is scary when folks feel threatened by liberty. You can go on idolizing government (regardless of criminally evil track records) while the reasonable/just among us continue to work for the cause of liberty. A lot of men died ashamed that they helped Mao, Stalin, Hitler, etc get away with their atrocities- I won't have such weight on my conscience.

In order to sleep better at night I will consider your posts nothing more than failed sarcasm attempts.

Dixon Cruickshank

OUCH - thats gonna leave a mark

Stevie, now a bunch grandmothers are a militia, you are out there pretty far dude. I will kinda remind you the country you live in currently and that allows to spout that retoric was founded by a civil reveloution of the general populous against a King - just say'in.

Dixon Cruickshank

To either Steve and/or both - this is an honest question to both if you read this

What do you think of Sarah Palin and what if she becomes President in 2012 - honest answer and I will have no comments, nor will I disclose whether I like her or think she may or may not be ready to be President - just wondering from reading something.


"You can go on idolizing government (regardless of criminally evil track records)" That would be what criminal Prosecution's? Where can I look up this track record?

Which of our politicians alive or dead do you put in the same box with Mao, Stalin, Hitler?

Aren't you guys getting just a little heated over a left-leaning mayor's remark's?

** I found Russ Steele’s NCMW post on Nevada City Mayor Senum’s proposal to be a piece of heroic commentary.
WAIT a minute, is this from the link:

I must be missing the part that is heroic. Was it this bullet point?
• Do you think that interconnected green buildings with a zero emissions foot print will ruin Nevada City's charm?

Or perhaps this amazing assembly of words?
• Do you think that developing a zero emission village is the best use of our tax dollars, given the pending economic crisis in Nevada City?

When I hear the word heroic I generally don't think about sentences like the above. Perhaps George you are using a definition of "heroic" I am not familiar with.

Could it be this one?
"1. behavior or talk that is bold or dramatic, esp. excessively or unexpectedly so :"

I think some heroic stroking is going on here.

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