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19 February 2010



It's happening quietly
I've been in Nevada County 33 years now, my son and daughter have grown up here. Its worked for us. Daughter got married and now has 3 little girls. She and her husband now live in the Lincoln area to make it work. My son is leaving in a week to see if he can find work in San Diego, then maybe on to Texas. His friend is (this weekend) leaving Nevada County to move to Texas. Young people, young families have to make quick decisions to make it work out for them. Often times we don't even notice until it too late.


From the looks of things that "Stimulus funding" isn't working out very well.

Dixon Cruickshank

As George has mentioned before, what until it gets closer to election time and Boxer is trouble - free ice cream cones for everybody


When a politician has a rocksolid lock on his district, why should the real bigwigs sent him any money?
You send the money to the districts where the politician can say " see what I brought you, This is why you need me".

That's one of the reasons not even John Doolittle bothered to get us any money.

Dixon Cruickshank

Either that or your considered irelevelent

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