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27 March 2010



Love it, George. LOVE IT!!

Bob Hobert

George, I completely missed the "message" in this post until I ran across this tonight. Classic!

Steven Frisch

Of course we all know here that Californians use half the electricity as the American does, and that that divergence came over a number of years, 30 years ago we used just as much.


And yet there it is--California the bright light on the west coast




One of the reasons that California uses less electricity is that those industries that depended on reliable electrical energy have left the state. Remember the Gray Davis brownouts? Google for example moved their server farms to states with reliable lower cost power, near hydro dams. Other companies with high electric power needs have also moved to States with lower cost power. Oh, by the way the jobs also left the state at the same time.

Chip makers required very reliable power, some moved to Austin Texas other to Boise Idaho. Now that Austin is going to 33% wind and sun power, the chipmakers are looking for a new home with more reliable power. Just a few second dip in power can destroy a batch of chips the costing the company millions.

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