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15 March 2010


Dave C

Let's not forget the almighty slide rule and having to do equations in long hand if we needed get decimals beyond hundredths or thousandths.

I got lucky. As an under grad I had to use a slide rule. As a grad student I was allowed to use a trusty HP35 calculator.

George Rebane

Absolutely Dave, I still have my sliderules and the HP-35 and HP-45 and ... . In mid-60s I recall having to use a 'square root Friden' (now in the Smithsonian?) to iteratively calculate the wire clearance manuever of the then new MK48 torpedo. I can still hear the mechanical gears grinding. But then we all learned Fortran.

Glad to see you were there.

Jeff Pelline

I still have my slide rules too. They were still using them in school in the '70s.


I still have my college slide rule, but when I went in the Air Force we were issued Circular Navigation Slide Rules. That one is missing a screw.


You just can't go wrong with a Chem or Mech Eng masters or PHD in a war economy.

Analog calculators! Man you guys ARE old.

Perhaps that is why so few post here, you are late Pliocene. This is the early Holocene.

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