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29 March 2010


Mikey McD

Progressives would argue that Bastiat's triangle is worthless because 1.) it identifies a God and 2.) the triangle does not implicitly highlight equality/social justice. Bastiat is correct- it is our natural (God given) right to protect our self, liberty and property. Rothbard does a great job of highlighting the production of equality as a byproduct of liberty in "Egalitarianism as a Revolt Against Nature" (http://mises.org/books/egalitarianism.pdf).

Per usual and ironically, it would appear that our government remains "the people's" biggest adversary.

What may need more attention is: "at what point do society's rights (think entitlement programs) cross the line of abuse of individual liberties?"

George Rebane

Society (the collective) per se has no rights any more than it has a nose or mouth. It is only individuals who have and can exercise rights. Equality and personal liberty are two ends of a see-saw; you cannot increase one without decreasing the other.

Be very careful of people who argue otherwise.


I remember my hackles being raised as a 15 year old in Drivers Education class when I read California handbook of drivers instructions. It repeatedly asserts that driving is a privilege and not a right. To think that a particular person isn't as entitled as another to use public roads to go to the store or to work?

George, I'm waiting for the right to bear arms to be given the same treatment as the right to healthcare. A mandate for those who can afford guns, and a Government Arms 12 gauge for those who can't!

It's a shame you can't take your lecture to congress.

Mikey McD

In America, the collective is "entitled" to my personal property. Tax season is upon us and we have Joe "the mouth" Biden quoted as saying,"You Call It Redistribution of Wealth, I Call It Just Being Fair". We are witnessing the "modern day slave drivers" in action.

George Rebane

The use of 'Fair', as a government criterion for dividing up your property, should set off the loudest alarm bells in the land. Fair denotes application of a criterion or utility measure for a policy. All such measures are totally arbitrary, and only ignoramuses and/or scoundrels will try to represent that there are objective measures of fairness, and that they are uniquely qualified to apply such measures.

Fair redistribution of property was also put in place by Lenin, Stalin, Mao, Castro, Ho Chi Minh, Pol Pot, ... .

Mikey McD

Those with the tanks get to decide what "fair" is.

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