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27 March 2010


Mikey McD

More info on TechTest/SESF: http://sesf.typepad.com/

Thank you for authoring the test!

Anna Haynes

For a different perspective:
"True purpose of TechTest from the Sierra Environmental Studies Foundation?", at:

(George, apologies if this is a duplicate; my earlier comment doesn't seem to have appeared)

George Rebane

Anna, your earlier comment is intact where you inserted it. You have just forgotten where you spread these messages around the web. I am at a loss as how to treat your baseless allegations. I do believe that you should seek professional help.



I endorse George's recommendations, you need some serious professional help. Please see a mental health councilor who can help you deal with your mental conflicts, resulting in your baseless allegations against SESF.

Anna Haynes

For the record, George Rebane states that he is not a shill for the climate denial industry. I just now asked him:

"Have you or your family members ever been compensated, directly or indirectly, for any efforts you or they have engaged in to communicate to the public the view that climate change is natural or is not a serious problem?"

He responded "No".

(and Russ, thank you for sharing.)

Mikey McD

Ironic that the "true believer" does not want progress in the fields of science and math. If I made a list of 10 major issues/crisis facing the world/future generations "Global Warming" would not make the list. In other words "I don't care about a Hypothesis/THEORY until it is proven true AND directly effects me. I literally spend zero seconds a day concerned with globull warming.

The hypocrites (any "globull warming" fiend that owns a car or house or purchases food or purchases energy or purchases power, or administors/authors a blog, etc) that make a lifestyle out of pushing the "globull warming" agenda on others needs to take a serious look in the mirror. You can tell the integrity of a citizen journalist by the lies (a.k.a. "different perspectives") they tote even after the truth is laid out clearly.

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