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14 March 2010


Michael Anderson


Terry was at the Googlebit rally today and I had a chance to introduce myself to him for the first time. My only question to him was about working with the shoe-in existing supes, and how he would integrate himself with the county economic strategy. I was encouraged to hear him say that he would support the current program of fiscal conservatism, which has served us well. Nevada County has reserves that have come from fiscal prudence that was the hallmark of the BOS since at least the 1990s (before the landfill debacle, after the NH2020 debacle).

Michael A.

George Rebane

Good to hear that Michael. Do I read correctly that yours is a veiled? endorsement of Mr Lamphier's candidacy?

Mikey McD

I have read Mr. Lamphier's ramblings over the years in The Union. He strikes me as confused, inexperienced/naive, controlling and unable to focus. His resiliency is to be commended. Mr. Spencer on the other hand, strikes me as no nonsense, focused, experienced and proven. With the fiscal conservative action our board (and CEO's office) has taken we are weathering the current economic storm better than others, the same economic storm that will dampen the growth Mr. Lamphier abhors.

Michael Anderson

George, I am not endorsing Mr. Lamphier's candidacy. I'm a pretty fickle voter. Presently I am a registered Republican, but in past years I have registered Democrat, Green, and several others. The second time I voted for president was for John B. Anderson in 1980 (and not just because we share a last name ;-) That should give you an idea of the type of candidate I will endorse.

The last time I endorsed anyone for office was Peter Van Zant in 1996. I stand by that endorsement 100%, I thought he was an excellent supervisor. I would compare him to our present Nate Beason, someone who votes based on research and facts, not just on party line. Nate and Peter both reach across the aisle to get things done. Those are the kind of politicians I like to vote for.

Hence, my question to Terry, "will you be reaching across the aisle?" I look forward to hearing the coming debates; I will most certainly be attending the TPP forum on April 1, as well as any others that the League of Woman Voters might be sponsoring, or other media outlets.

Steve Enos

Speaking of folks running for office:

"We want to make sure that voters in California's 19th district know who they'll be getting if they vote for Pombo," said Defenders Action Fund President Rodger Schlickeisen. "People need to know that he was and likely will always be a creature of the special interest culture that has so corrupted our political process."

The new radio ad names just a few of the many embarrassing incidents from Pombo's past; namely that he billed nearly $5000 to taxpayers for a two-week family vacation, as well as paying his wife and brother over $500,000 out of his campaign funds. These proven indiscretions, among others, led to Pombo being named one of the 13 most corrupt members of Congress by the independent watch dog group, Citizens for Responsibility and Ethics in Washington, a fact also cited in the ad.

"To many, Pombo was an example of the classic unethical politician while in office -- taking money from special interests while doing their bidding -- and nothing he can say during this campaign can alter that shameful record," concluded Schlickeisen.

Question: Pombo... a Tea Party guy?


Pombo would never dip with the baggers. His horse (SUV) is hitched to the RNC. He is a yes man of heroic proportions.

Steve Enos

Hey George, how about you review some of your past posts here and on The Union website where you praised Lamphier and even stated The Union should hire him.

Seems some of your past posted comments fail to match your current position. Isn't history and the internet amazing?

George Rebane

SteveE - more careful reading is in store here. What I praised Terry Lamphier for back in 2008 still stands. He wrote a good piece on capitalism then - not all of which I agreed with, but good stuff compared with what the Union published then. What may confuse you here is that I would pick TerryL over JeffP for a Union job, but not pick TerryL over JohnS for a job as a Supe. My endorsements/criticism are context specific, we're not considering the man for Lord of the Universe.

Mikey McD

Lamphier candidacy is a waste of time and money.

Steve Enos

Mickey, it's good to have a choice in elections. It's good to have two people run for an office so a discussion takes place. One candidate and no discussion.

Now John Spencer will need to work if he wants to get elected. Soencer will need to show his face in District III, a place he has not shown up in since elected. Now all the nasty and strange things John Spencer has said in the BOS meetings will come out for the public to see and hear as video tape is great stuff. The strange, insulting and nasty things Spencer has posted on line can see the light of day and voters will be able to understand what Spencer is really like.

Having two candidates is good for many reasons.

Fred Harriman

Thanks for this discussion. It's hard for people like me who spend a great deal of time outside of the county working to get some idea of what local candidates stand for.

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