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27 March 2010


RL Crabb

Wonder if they'll have an SUV model for us mountain folks?

Dave C

Reminds me of the Isetta of the 50's.

Anna Haynes

FYI, my blog post on SESF and TechTest -

Just so you know. Feel free to disagree...


What does Anna's comment have to do with podcars? Why is she picking a fight ("Feel free to disagree...")?

George Rebane

Good question Sarah - lonely and neglected come to mind.

bill tozer

We don't need no stinkin podcars. Remember the Nash Metropolitan? It was heralded as "the car of the future" and ridiculed as a "clown car". Great gas mileage and two guys could lift the front end and place the car on someone's lawn, much to the chargin of the Metro's absent owner. Ahead of its time I reckon.

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