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04 April 2010


Teine Rebane Kenney

You have a life full of God's deliverance. I'm sitting here quietly reflecting on all that you have experienced...


This history is more moving than my words can convey.
After rereading it, I can confidently say, George, your parents were heroes. And so were you.


George, thank you for another chapter in your life as a young noncombatant during WWII. Your experiences will be hard to understand for many living within the womb of Nevada County given that America has not suffered such pain of war on its soil....Yet. So many naturally born amongst us take the freedoms, guaranteed by our Constitution, for granted while immigrants like your parents did not and risked death to come to America to find it. Glad you and your family made it.


George, Russ and I so enjoy and appreciate your sharing your life changing early experiences in the war in Europe. We are so grateful that you and your parents made it to America's shores. It was never easy, but in so doing, you became the wonderful person you are. And you have influenced so many others, which is so needed in these times. Thank you for sharing your memories of Easter, 65 years ago.

Bob Hobert

George, thank you. Please continue.

Dixie Redfearn



Thank you for posting these stories. If you ever write a book, Ben and I will be first in line to get our copy.

Barry Pruett

Please continue...your stories of Europe are captivating.

Dave C


Anna Haynes

Be a hero, George. You have grandchildren.

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