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19 April 2010


Steve Enos

With George history starts with Obama taking office, guess nothing before that matters or has anything to do with anything.

Mikey McD

Steve, must I point out that the link George provided went back to 1958 (a few years before Obama was said to be born-we are still waiting for confirmation on the date and local).

George, for hope one need not look further than: "Survey: Ron Paul even with Obama in hypothetical 2012 race" :http://content.usatoday.com/communities/onpolitics/post/2010/04/survey-ron-paul-dead-even-with-obama-in-hypothetical-2012-race/1

George Rebane

SteveE - If you check back into the comment threads to which you have contributed, you will notice a growing snarkiness in your personal attacks. Please address and critique the ideas presented and argued all you want, but try not to get ad hominem. Your last comment here is just plain stupid.

Steve Enos

Oh please George. Where was all the concern during Bush?

And ad hominem you say? Seems you only address that to me vs. your other posters and some of your "sackheads"... try to apply your concern to all.

Mikey McD

if you think George was kissing Bush's ass for eight years then you obviously did not read this blog in the "good 'ol days."

As libertarians we are critical of government- regardless of the jersey.



"Where was all the concern during Bush?" I am getting tired of this refrain, and all it does is demonstrate how intellectually lazy you have become. The Internet is a great "way back machine" go and find some of George's blog articles written during the Bush administration you think supporting the Bush Administration.. While you are in the way back machine note some critical articles of the Bush administration.


Opps should read "you think support the Bush Administration spending."

George Rebane

SteveE, civil discourse on RR is when you critique, no matter how severely, the ideas, facts, or notions advanced by me or other RR commenters – e.g. read Wade. However, when you address people by name and disparage them, that is uncivil behavior and does not contribute to the kind of discussions I promote on this blog.

The internet has become pretty much of a cesspool, and does not bring out the best in people, especially if they operate in the sackhead mode. More in this piece ‘Is Internet Civility an Oxymoron?’

No, you haven’t been the only one behaving badly, you have company. But you did push me over the tipping point. If you feel that these commentaries are not worthy of your best efforts to address their substance, and instead you choose to come after me or the other commenters by name, then please take your leave.

There are plenty of other local blogs where you can behave as you will and blend right in. But not here. I more than welcome your civil critiques of my conservative (classical liberal) ideas, mores, values, and interpretations of history. Your responses, and those of your cohort, perfectly illuminate the antithesis of what RR seeks to advance. And in so doing highlight, by their opposition and the manner of ther presentation, the points I and those of my cohort wish to make. Let that jousting of ideas continue so that the reader unconvinced has something real to chew on.

In sum, I am not about to take over from where your mom left off, and I most certainly will not tolerate your attempts to shoulder the reciprocal burden.

Steve Enos

So Georege, you pull the "your mama" card? Very sad.

Dixon Cruickshank

Steve, if you don't grab a handful of STFU he's going to pull your card - just say'in

you recently have not been adding anything constructive to any discussion, no matter what the topic

and yes you've been mean to me like he said

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