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30 April 2010


Steve Enos

Speaking of the economy... what is happening to the economy, lives and environment of the Gulf coast?

Drill, baby drill? More like drill, spill and kill.

Time to get off of oil and onto clean energy as fast as possible for so many reasons including national security and the future of the planet.

Dixon Cruickshank

Actually its booming Steve, and oil jobs too, there are tons of people piling in to do something or maybe nothing but they are there spending. None of this boom would have occured had the Government had a fire boom in the gulf area at the beginning. Their plan called for at least 1 when it formulated the plan back in 1994, but they are shipping some borrowed ones in from South America, I guess we haven't had an issue in at least 16 yrs. It might have been the fact that they cost a couple hundred thousand dollars and that had to be spent on a wind farm plan, hope that plan works better than the oil spill plan 16 yrs later.

Steve quit talking and do it, talk is cheap, that doesn't mean build a gazillion windmills either, thats not a solution, niether is solar, figure it out.

Steve Enos

Hey Dixon, you might want to do some research and update your positon on how the Florida economy is being impacted by the Gulf spill. Seems Florida is having some issues with their 60 Billion dollar a year tourism-visitors economy and oil hasn't even hit the Florida coast... yet.

If/when the oil hits the Florida coast your tourism and fishing economy sectors are doomed for many years to come.

I pray the oils stays away from land and Florida and the Keys.

Dixon, just keep claiming the Gulf oil "problem" is not big thing and that it isn't impacting Florida.


Booming because of ethanol from corn and having 25% of the US oil reserves. Check back on the fishing in 6 months.



Not exactly booming I guess.

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