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21 April 2010


Dave C

Have a good trip George. Shop local!

Steven Frisch

Nice photo. Have a great trip and relax.

Michael R. Kesti

Roger that on the kidnap. Please advise when accomplished.


Jeff Pelline

Enjoy your holiday. Tell them Obama sent you and you might get some discounts.


Great photo George! Thanks for posting from Rome. We are looking forward to more travel log posts and your photos.

Steve Enos

Great photo, looks like a whole lot of fun! George, in the pic are you going commando no socks? I'm a mostly sock free guy, it’s hip.

In the pic it looks like you are sporting an orange tablecloth shirt protector. I like that too! But look behind you, there's a accordion in your future.

Enjoy, I’m jealous, looks like a great time!

Sini Fernandez

Glad you made it! Have a wonderful time. Can't wait to see all the photos and hear all the stories. Retail therapy is good. Tell Mama she has my full support.

Dixon Cruickshank

nice hat - again

Barry Pruett

I am jealous...have a wonderful trip.

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