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02 April 2010



But, but, but, according to a local blogger, that keep hammering the point, Nevada County voted for Obama and Brown. Is this not enough evidence that we are really a liberal enclave in the foothills that should be rewarded for our stupidity. Oh, wait we are hiding in a red district. Darn, screwed again!

RL Crabb

I've noticed that Republican Congressmen have been targeted by Dems (and Tea Partiers) for asking for stimuli after not voting for it. The article you provided doesn't mention that factor.

George Rebane

Good point Bob. If some others have already baked a pie, perhaps against your will, to which you were forced to contribute, is it proper to then ask to share in its eating?

Steve Enos

George... it's called sticking to your principals vs. flip-flop.

Steve Enos

Then again, the term hypocrite could also apply in this case.

George Rebane

Steve, I didn't really get the connection. Please elaborate.

Steve Enos

Flip-Flop, as in you have one position one day and then flip over 180 degrees.

As in ranting that anyone that takes the Obama commie money is a traitor. Then bash that point endlessly. Then… “flip”. The flip part is simple, after you rant and threaten you vote no and after it passes you take the money. That is a flip-flop and also the basis for the use of the term "hypocrite".

Here are my values and the line I will never cross! Then "FLIP"... hey, I want some of that money too so I can take it back to my district.

So that's more or less what I mean.

George Rebane

Who ranted about taking "the Obama commie money" and accused anyone of being a "traitor"? Who stated anything about "values and the line I will never cross"? And in the end, who was forced to contribute part of "that money" which lesser part MAY or not come back to the contributors?

Are we both talking about ARRA?

Steve Enos

Yes George, yes.

Steven Frisch

I think that the reasons area clear. 1) Republicans are less likely to apply for stimulus funds 2) When they do, they are public critics and private porkers, so the motivation to reward them is not there 3) Urban areas, with greater capacity to apply, are more likely to be Democratic 4) Stimulus programs are more likely to be directly linked to transit, infrastructure and housing improvements and those are more concentrated in urban areas 5) rural areas are more likely to influenced by voices like Georges's that claim stimulus is a crock.

You reap what you sew.

Steven Frisch

Oops ...sow!

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