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28 June 2010


Barry Pruett

After reading some articles about the McDonald v. Chicago ruling, it appears to be an expansion of the 2nd Amendment. Tonight, I am going to read the slip opinion tonight and report. It is over 200 pages long with the dissents, so it is going to take a while.

Steve Enos

George, it's my understanding that no new memberships to the Club are available. Do you know if that is the case? I have never visited the Club range but sure would like to have an outdoor shooting range to use that is close by.

Do you know if they have a tactical set up for the range? I like to shoot tactical three gun drills and can't do that indoors at The Range.

With the S.C. ruling Calguns will move forward with their two pending court cases on California restrictions. I love living in Californaia for many reasons, but our gun and soon to be ammo in use regulations are insane.

George Rebane

Steve, total membership is limited to a number in the 200 range, and there are no unfilled memberships available. You can put your name on the waiting list, but that will probably take too long. Membership in the private club is an asset that members can transfer for consideration - i.e. sell. I think the quickest way to become a member is to come to the clubhouse and let it be known that you want to become a member, and that you are willing to buy a membership. The club holds and hosts various shoots throughout the year. I'm not familiar with all of them, but have seen a 'western shoot' staged there which may involve something beyond known distance shooting.

Steve Enos

Thanks George, I think I'll start by visiting the Club on a Sunday when they are open to the public. Their website says they have a 200 yard range and I would like to shoot that with my long guns.

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