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29 June 2010


Barry Pruett

Question to Sonia Sotomayor during her confirmation hearings just last it settled that the Second Amendment secures an individual rights? Sotomayor told the judiciary committee, “Yes, sir.”

Answer from Sotomayor when on the bench only a year later...the right to own a gun is not fundamental, and therefore cities and states should be free to regulate them in any fashion, or even completely ban them.

I agree...bring Kagan to an up or down vote and end the Senatorial dog and pony show. We do not need more political posturing. She is a what? So is Stevens. Elections have consequences and this is one of them.

Steve Enos

"stop this legal lightweight from being sworn in"... George, do you remember the lady that Bush II wanted on the court?

Talk about a true "legal lightweight".

RL Crabb

Personally, I'm tired of seeing these Ivy-league types on the court. Give me a common sense Westerner like Sandra Day O'Conner any day. I remember how Barry Goldwater popped his cork when Republicans complained she wasn't conservative enough. I guess they meant she wouldn't be a rubber stamp, and she never was.

George Rebane

Agreed Steve, but if I recall, the system worked and she never made it.

Alas Bob, where do we find these independent minded westerners?

Dixon Cruickshank

I can't believe a person that has never been a judge will be appointed to the Supreme Court for their first goround - unbelieveable. At least maybe a stopover in Traffic Court or something

kim pruett

I agree Bob, I really thought Sandra Day O'Conner was a class act and a great addition to the Supreme Court

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