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30 June 2010


Michael Anderson

Great review. Interesting fellow, this Lanier. I went to his website and found an interview that really got me to thinking. Here are some excerpts:


"Web 2.0 is a formula to kill the middle class and undo centuries of social progress."

"Collectivists confuse ideology with achievement."

"Information doesn’t deserve to be free. It is an abstract tool; a useful fantasy, a nothing. It is non-existent until and unless a person experiences it in a useful way. What we have done in the last decade is give information more rights than are given to people."

"...go visit any computer science lab and you’ll find books about 'the Singularity,' which is the supposed future event when the blessed uploading is to take place. A weird cult in the world of technology has done damage to culture at large."

"The financial services industry expanded vastly when cloud computing became available in the last decade, and provided no improved service in return...The combination of money and cloud computing has yet to be sorted out in a way that can allow capitalism to function in the long term."

"Funding a civilization through advertising is like trying to get nutrition by connecting a tube from one’s anus to one’s mouth. The body starts consuming itself."

Great stuff!

George Rebane

Agreed Michael. I was also amazed at all the accolades that he has been able to accumulate.

Michael Anderson


I attribute those accolades to a Third Wave Society that is having great difficulty grasping exponentially accelerating change.

Maybe those of us who enjoy fiddling around on these blogs will help civilization sort it out.

But probably not.


Michael A.

Anna Haynes

"...You have to draw a Circle of Empathy around yourself and others in order to be moral. If you include too much in the circle, you become incompetent, while if you include too little you become cruel. This is the "Normal form" of the eternal liberal/conservative dichotomy... "
- Lanier, 2004 (link)

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