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10 July 2010


Russ Steele

Political Correctness puts us all at risk. If rational minds were to consider the increased risk to their own wellbeing and the wellbeing of their families when flying, would they continue this insane policy of ignoring the obvious? Why do we put up with this increased risk? We need some new leadership that are using their brains rather then their feelings, and take some lessons from El Al, the Israeli airline. Their success is something to emulate.

Mikey McD

Great speech regarding profiling... Newt Gingrich discussing "non-Rotarians"


Dixon Cruickshank

Profiling is a primal instinct, every animal on the planet profiles or they become lunch, except Democrats I guess. I've always said too bad Sabre Tooth Tigers are extinct, sure would be interesting at the Safeway Parking lot.

Todd Juvinall

The liberal and the rest of the PC crowd are showing their naivete' when they complain about profiling. Everyone profiles everyone. I think profiling is necessary in the protection of human life, especially American human life. I would rather profile Muslims for terrorism because almost every terrorist act is done by Muslims. Illegal immigrants are what, 90% of a particular race or ethnic group? Profiling is unnecessary for them because we already know they are 90% of the problem. So, yes, profiling does have a lace is the world of safety and immigration, the public will be demanding it be so.

BTW, now Eric Holder, the Attorney General of all of us, has a in house policy that whites cannot bring a voting rights act complaint against a black person (to be prosecuted). So liberals, please tell us all, is that profiling?

George Rebane

Dixon and Todd are on the mark. Profiling is nothing but a compact generalization of a large amount of descriptive data about a person that is useful for making rapid decisions that have a high likelihood of being correct. And yes, we all profile, all the time and to our mutual benefit. Even when we buy a particular kind of car or piece of apparel, we seek to transmit a message that would cause others to quickly profile us as members of a class in which we want to portray our membership.

It is clear to me that our government has a pernicious social utility which advises against useful profiling of terrorists and fugitive illegal entrants.

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