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14 July 2010


Mikey McD

I skimmed Bollinger's piece... I was convinced it was sarcasm. Very scary if it is not.

RL Crabb

While I would agree that big brudder has no business in the news business, I have to say that PBS is and has always been my favorite choice for programming. (Although I'm a big fan of C-Span, especially Book TV.) When I was a teenager, I spent many a Saturday watching Firing Line. At the time it was the only mainstream source of conservative thought, even if I had to keep a thesaurus handy to translate Buckley's dialogues.

Michael Anderson


Thanks for reminding me of Firing Line. Buckley was a trip. I was also a big fan of Safire's, he kept Maureen Dowd in line, kept her from gettin' too wet and noodly, kept her honest. Her columns have suffered since he left this mortal plane, IMHO.


PS And Dick Cavett too. And the Smothers Brothers. And Phil Donahue. And Tom Snyder. OK, I better quit there...

Steven Frisch

Won't you come back Bill Buckley,
won't you come back?

Dixon Cruickshank

The old media is dying in the on-line age so now they lookto the guberment, since the big bucks are not there

The NAACP is like a union, there never enough money coming their way

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