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16 July 2010


Todd Juvinall

God help us!


"The progressives in Congress keep rolling over the country like a cloud of locusts. "
As the GOP did in 2003 like a cloud of warmongering liars.

" The causes of the current recession remain politicized and unstudied."

MMmmmm... how many pieces in the WSJ and Planet money have covered this??

"Apple Corporation was recently advised to get in there and start playing the ‘Washington Game’ before something bad happens to the company. "

What a crock! Like what would happen that the market has not done? CR says don't buy... Steve says here is a bumper.

"but I digress." Yes ad-nausea...

"vilified for our rightwing excesses" Yes "Rightfully" so.

"the progressives busy ushering in the socialist era." Get a new tune this is so yesterday it reeks of Rove. Even the head of the Socialist party labeled O a "Corporate" Democrat.

I bet you have a large crow dinner in 2 years.

Todd Juvinall

George, I thought names, real names, were required here?

Mikey McD

NC Guy if my comments lacked any facts/reason/productive content (as yours do) I would not sign my real name either. To label Obama/Pelosi/Frank as anything less than socialist shows your lack of education (ignorance). George, you are correct. You pontificated the ills in TARP, ARRA, and Obamacare dead on (pun intended). The NC guys of the world can forgive or even applaud "we need to pass the bill so we can see what's in it" politics, but the freedom loving tax payers among us wont. -Michael McDaniel

George Rebane

Todd, I have encouraged commenters everywhere to use their real names, and therefore accessibly stand behind their words instead of anonymously mumbling through a paper sack with eyeholes. My policy is not to engage such sackheads in any serious debate. Other RR readers are, of course, free to apply their own policies.

It is my sincere hope that on this blog people of all 'faiths' contend in the arena of ideas and take their alley fighting elsewhere. Ascribing a political coloration to someone on RR is NOT an ad hominem assault, but merely communicating to other readers the commenter's personal assessment of the responded writer. The accuracy of such assessments is, of course, left to all readers, and serves also to adjudicate the performance of the one who so labels. I do that often, and have made clear how I come to such summary judgments.

Questions to us all should always be welcomed. Well, maybe not all questions - e.g. 'How come you're such an idiot?' ;-)

Todd Juvinall

NC_GUY looks like that Bruce Levy character on another blog. He is always spewing mean and nasty.

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