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21 July 2010


Russ Steele

I heard the panic started at the WH when it was rumored that Ms Sherrod was to appear on his program. It seems someone at the WH is watching FOX, the last real source of news.

It turns out that Ms Sherrod has a deeper history that was first reported. She just sued the Federal government and won $13 million for a group of black farmers. This story will have more legs.

Michael P. Anderson

Way too much drama guys. This beltway insider stuff has been boring for going on decades. All I go for is the comedy. When I heard that she was virtually pulled over to the side of the road by the WH, then commanded to text her resignation over her personal digital dashboard (PDD), I let out a huge guffaw!

And now she is all better... [YAWN]

I am going back to gazing upon my naval this evening. Better ROI for sure.


RL Crabb

"No,no!" said the Queen. "Sentence first, verdict afterwards."

Lewis Carroll
-from Alice in Wonderland

Dave C

I have this feeling Mrs. Sherrod is going to be a very wealthy woman within a couple of years.

D. King

“Like with Climategate, someone ought to write a book.”

Funny you mention Climategate, with thousands
of eyes now reviewing policy, their very core
assumptions are being tested and failing miserably.
By bringing race into the mix, I believe they have
inadvertently exposed their underbelly. Now people can
see their ideology and solidly reject it.
We should next move to the environmental community.
Let’s put thousands of eyes on their science and see
if we can help them with the Delta Smelt and Salmon

Michael P. Anderson

"...and see if we can help them with the Delta Smelt and Salmon problem."

What's your plan, D. King? Love to hear it.

D. King

Michael P. Anderson

"What's your plan, D. King? Love to hear it."

Step one... Review all the science.
To include methodology, sampling equipment
and calibration records. Review of conclusions
and mitigation plans, but I’m just one guy.
Imagine how much help we can be with hundreds
looking into this.

Michael P. Anderson

I don't know any scientists who would have a problem with the kind of oversight you suggest.

But I'm curious about what you perceive to be the "Delta smelt and salmon problem." The only problem I'm aware of is that there aren't enough of 'em. Either because we're eating too many, or their habitat is going away.

D. King

“The only problem I'm aware of is that there aren't enough of 'em. Either because we're eating too many, or their habitat is going away.”

That’s why a review is necessary. Let’s
make sure of the numbers first. Should
be easy enough to follow their data
collection plan and duplicate the results.
But in any event, do let us keep the
communication going. Squeaky wheel
gets the oil. Additionally we can do our
due diligence and make sure everything
is on the up and up and we don’t get


RL Crabb

While I would agree that the majority of news media tilts to the left, I'd have to say their record of accomplishing their supposed goal is spotty at best. Five Republican Presidents (if you count the unelected Ford) and three Dems since 1968. The creation of Fox changed everything. It was a stroke of genius for Murdoch, in that he had no competition and a hungry audience.

Fox is pretty much a twenty-four hour commercial for the Republicans. Lately, it has become the elephant's graveyard, where failed candidates and unemployed staffers go to end their careers. Or in some cases, to get some air time in the hope of a new campaign.

George Rebane

Bob, from the list of equivalent personages of the left finding employment and outlet on CBS, ABC, NBC, MSNBC, CNN, ..., does that mean that we have equivalent 24/7 commercials for the more progressive folks that also served us in Washington?

In any case, given the ratings drawn from Americans who watch news and issue based commentary, that elephants' graveyard is turning out to be a Valhalla on earth. I guess we'll see how many of the dear departed from there will be resurrected into their political lives.

BTW, for readers wishing to follow the Sherrod saga, I have posted the best timeline of events re Fox News that I could find. It is there to receive your tender mercies.

Todd Juvinall

What a day is right.

RL Crabb

While it would seem natural for Karl Rove and Dana Perrino to go into journalism, I don't think the mainstreamers have hired the people from the top of the ticket, as in Huckabee and Palin. It's obvious they are using their new stations as a platform for 2012. I'm not condemning them, it's just an observation.

Mikey McD

Palin proved herself experienced to be President the new fashioned way... she wrote an autobiography! She will continue to have my support for as long as the progressives HATRED of her burns bright.

Todd Juvinall

Another good day befins. The left is on the ropes. No cap and tax.

RL Crabb

Oops! I misspoke. Although the mainstream cable networks never picked up Walter Mondale's variety show "Where's the Beef?", or "The Al Gore Comedy Hour", leftist of the left MSNBC did hire one ex-presidential candidate...Pat Buchanan.

Todd Juvinall

He was on CNN for years.

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