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15 August 2010


Steve Enos

Why do you not address the sackheads you and Russ have posting? Seems many are "conservative" sackheads on your two blogs.

RL Crabb

Thanks for the generous plug, George. I am very proud of my baby. It puts into perspective what I've been doing for the past twelve years, and readers will be able to judge for themselves if I've lived up to my claim to be "fair and balanced."

As for the blogs, life is to short to hate your fellow man. The net has made it too easy to get away with all this rampant name-calling. I've always found that it's easier to look into an opponent's soul when you can break bread with them, rather than break the bread over his or her head. More often than not, I find that we have more in common than those things which divide us.

George Rebane

Well said Bob.

SteveE, and according to your lights, which sackheads did you think this post exclusively addressed?

Todd Juvinall

LOL George!

Dixon Cruickshank

Good stuff Mr Crabb and I'm glad Grass Valley got their man

Todd Juvinall

It appears Enos has self defined.

bill tozer

Always wondered what happened to the "unknown comic" of years past. Must have turned bitter and joined the liberal blogs.

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