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30 August 2010


Paul Emery

Thanks George. I'm really looking forward to the show. A couple of notes. This is a discussion not a debate so please address you're questions to both guests. Like all good discussions I look forward to discovering what we can agree on, although disagreement is often more entertaining.

Jeff Peline


Russ Steele


I have posted a link to your post. The more people we have listening the better. Since I am part of the Sac Bee Connect, we might even get some Sacramento listeners. Alexa recently noted that I have significant traffic from the Sacramento region.

Dixon Cruickshank

Although I disagree with Paul in alot of cases I did listen to your last interview and thought he was quite good. I will also try and get in earlier than I did last time and I presume he will be as good this time as well, this time as a moderator but you did great last time elicting discussion with George.

Look at that Paul getting coverage all the way to Fla

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