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09 August 2010


Mikey McD

George, truer words were never written. What pains the producers among us (government has not killed us all, yet) is that these same NGO's are free to use the tax payer funded assets and titles to promote more government, more bureaucracy and most importantly their own employment (it is the same vicious cycle used by public employee unions). In private enterprise this would be called a conflict of interest or extortion. I have researched SBC enough to know that there is no there, there. To twist AB32 into a job creation law (as Mr. Frisch did in his OPINION piece) takes demagoguery, deceit, dishonesty, propaganda and a lack of integrity to a level usually reserved for the crustiest of elected politicians. Your often used "stupid or evil" exit question applies to this post too. Thanks for posting this important piece.

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