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20 August 2010


Steven Frisch

Ah so you admit that your graph was based on no real data?

And yes, your ARA figures are WRONG.

George Rebane

SteveF, your ignorance displayed is swelling beyond the limits of tedium. The growing rarity of your criticisms and contributions based on reason put me into a quandry - should I just hang the persona non grata tag on you and be done with it? You will still have other blogs on which your wit and wisdom can find a more commensurate outlet, and on these you can continue to take me to task to a fare-thee-well. Please take a moment to dwell on it.

Mikey McD

mr. frisch's constant extreme left comments...all typed while he is on tax payer time/dime. George, you asked for 'it' when you went against AB32 A.K.A. "frisch's future paychecks"

John Couger- "Ain't that America"

Steven Frisch

Mikey, have you actually listened to the lyrics to "Little Pink Houses".

Here's a link:

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