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27 August 2010


D. King

"I expect a good portion of the approved monies to come in between now and election day,"

"...American Redistribution and Re-election Act (ARRA)."

Yes George, but the Iceman cometh!


Dixon Cruickshank

Its the free ice cream for all play but it has worked so why not

RL Crabb

Owing to the turtle-like speed of government, the Stimuli may have arrived too late to impress the voting public. They really believed they would shave three or four points off the unemployment roles by this time and it hasn't happened. The leaves won't be the only thing falling come November.

Kim Pruett

Bob, I think you are correct in your response, turtle-like speed is a very appropriate description of how things work, I am finding out the hard way unfortunately. November will be very interesting.....

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