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29 September 2010


Dixon Cruickshank

I bet it was agonizing for you and Russ, probably had you pulling your hair out, oh wait - sorry

only have about 15 minutes before this thing locks up again but wanted to say hi anyway

George Rebane

Good to hear that you're still alive and well Dixon.

Michael Anderson

Hi George,

Nice to see you this evening. I'll send you a separate email after I play around on the blogs for a little bit (-;

I agree with you that government functionaries such as CARB chair Mary Nichols need to visit the hinterlands more often. But even if the tables were turned, and Nevada County was 100% registered Democratic Party, I think the hinterlands would still be lightly visited. The votes just aren't here to where it matters one way or the other. Ms. Nichols made it pretty clear that she spends most of her time in Sac, the Bay Area, and L.A.

You wrote that you thought it was mostly lefties at the the meeting tonight, but I would put the mix at more like 65% left and 35% right. I watched Lowell Robinson squirming in his seat more than a few times, particularly when she talked about gas station owners getting hit with big bills for the new gas pumps.

All in all, I'm glad she came. I hope everyone takes Ms. Nichols up on her recommendation to contact the CARB Ombudsman, Laronda Bowen at (916) 327-5762, whenever they are feeling like AB32 regs are being applied in a draconian fashion.

If I were Lowell, I'd put that number on my speed dial :-)

Michael A.

Russ Steele


It was good to meet you and put a face to your comments at the meeting last night.

I think that everyone should put the CARB Ombudsman, Laronda Bowen in their speed dial. We are all going to be impacted by the implementation of AB32.

There were a lot of questions I wanted to ask Ms Nichols about Carbon Trading, since the cost of carbon is less than a 5 cents per ton. We can all buy our carbon credits rather than pay thousands more for a hybrid or electric vehicle. Unfortunately the meeting format did not allow for any real interaction with the audience which was way too polite for the impact that AB32 is going to have on our pocket book.

I am going to find CARB Ombudsman, Laronda Bowen's e-mail address and send her an e-mail every time I post on AB32 and Prop 23. As Meg Whitman team discovered, Nevada County is ground zero for Prop 23. We might as well let Sacramento know that we are here and growing madder and madder with every new regulation.

I would like to hear more feedback from the other people in the room. Let's hear from your friends.

Anna and Me

Thank you,George, for attending the love fest and for keeping the truth out there. AB32 must be stopped.

George Rebane

MichaelA - I agree with your assessment of the proportions. To me 2 out of 3 is indeed 'most'. I understand that there was a dinner afterward with Ms Nichols and her local coterie. I would venture that the attendance there was ideologically quite a bit more uniform.

As a footnote, I didn't mention in the post the thanks passed out for informing the community of this presentation. For some reason Russ Steele's NCMW was not mentioned in lieu of some leftwing blogs. Russ publicized this meeting to an audience that is bigger than all the other local blogs combined. But then, we must serve our own.

Bob Hren

"More feedback from other people in the room" requested: This is my first visit to your blog--congratulations on such a well-written summary of last night's meeting. I, too was completely frustrated especially by the screening of the questions. No attempt was made to allow difficult questions (mine was ignored, along with many others). Some questions were rediculous (was the Pakistan flooding the result of global warming?) Others were just incomprehensible (M. Nichols must think we mountain folk are all idiots, based on the questions that passed the screening.) If I wanted a biased progressive monologue, I could have just stayed home and read the newspaper, which at least makes a show of presenting the other side. Great to discover a good conservative local blog site--I will be a regular reader.

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