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17 September 2010


Russ Steele

Excellent George. If global warming is real, the free markets will be the right solution. Centralized command and control has failed every time it has been tried through out history. If individuals think that climate change is an issue, they will act accordingly. They do not need government funded NGOs like the Sierra Club or Sierra Business Council to tell them how to live their lives in a changing world. Humans exist today because they could adapt to the changing environment. I just hope they are preparing for the brutal cold in our future.

Bob Hobert

Lomborg is an excellent read for both sides. Here's an introduction by Bill Steigerwald to Lomborg's latest book. "Cool It" is not the first book Denmark's Bjorn Lomborg has written about global warming. Lomborg's heretical 2001 best-seller, "The Skeptical Environmentalist," drew a firestorm of nasty criticism and unveiled hatred from environmentalists and the global warming crowd because it said most of the bad effects of climate change have been grossly exaggerated. Named one of Time magazine's 100 most influential people in 2004, Lomborg -- a statistician by training -- believes global warming is occurring. But he also believes we should approach the problem rationally -- which means not wasting all our energy and resources today on global warming's long-run effects when there are more-pressing human-killing problems like malaria and malnutrition we should be addressing." Lomborg is a singular rational voice on the pro-warming side. I personally believe we live and thrive in one of Earth's brief interglacial (warming) periods and should therefore maximize the opportunity.

D. King

The problem I have with this….is this:


There is no way around it.

It is unforgivable!

Anna Haynes

("when Friel began checking Lomborg's sources, "I found problems," he says. "As an experiment, I looked up one of his footnotes, found that it didn't support what he said, and then did another, and kept going, finding the same pattern." He therefore took on the Augean stables undertaking of checking every one of the hundreds of citations in Cool It. Friel's conclusion, as per his book's title, is that Lomborg is "a performance artist disguised as an academic."")

Anna Haynes

Dr. Rebane, would you characterize your colleague Russ Steele as a Denier or as a Skeptic?

(Confidential to D. King: Europe is a rather small part of a much larger planet. There is variation between regions.)

D. King

Here, this should help.


George Rebane

Thanks Dave, that's an impressive graphic on which to look for catastrophic global warming.

Bob Hobert

Confidential to Anna - did you fact check author Howard Friel? Or Newsweek - Newsweek Predicts Dire Consequences of Global Cooling - April 28, 1975 http://denisdutton.com/cooling_world.htm. There's a reason Newsweek is going out of business. I believe we should check all the facts, and check the fact checkers too. Few true scientists will remain.

Bob Hobert

Dang link didn't fact check....here's more


Bob Hobert

While fact checking myself I found my link above fails. However, if you copy and paste it into your browser it opens properly. Go figure. Here's another - may work the same way http://denisdutton.com/newsweek_coolingworld.pdf

Anna Haynes

My KVMR commentary response to Rebane -

to Bob Hobert, thank you for using your real name.

> "Confidential to Anna - did you fact check author Howard Friel?"

no, but Sharon Begley (the article's author) did. (FYI: I included the link so you could read her review; perhaps when you read it you overlooked the section where she explains what she did?)

re the global cooling claim, it's best to check assertions like this against SkepticalScience.com
(the Snopes for standard climate-delay claims)
as QC to help ensure that your comments are high quality.

Anna Haynes

D. King, beware of cherrypickers. Given enough data (or in this case, data for enough locales), a PR guy - by selectively reporting only those parts that support his predecided conclusion (which is called intellectual dishonesty in science) - can spin just about any tale their employer pays them to.
That's PR, not science.


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