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03 September 2010



George, another heads-up - I emailed you some questions yesterday morning to try to clarify your "no consensus" assertion during the KVMR exchange.
(just want to make sure you don't overlook them)

Mikey McD

The titling of Prop 23 by Moonbeam shows his lack of integrity, his use of government as a club against the people, his disdain for personal liberty and a vote of no confidence for public education in CA. George, this piece does a great job to inform the common sense challenged 'true believers' that increasing fees, taxes, regulation and decreasing personal liberty does not create economic growth.

Todd Juvinall

George don't fret. I have debated Frisch type people many times and you just have to be confident of your position and material. Keep answers short and don't be afraid to correct the other person's fibs.

Russ Steele

Carly Fiorina, “AB32 is undoubtedly a job killer...”

This afternoon, Republican Senate candidate Carly Fiorina, who repeatedly refused to take a stand on Proposition 23 during her Wednesday debate with Barbara Boxer, said today she is backing the job saving measure.

AB 32 is undoubtedly a job killer, and it should be suspended,” said Carly Fiorina

Steve Frisch

Well, now she is metaphorically in bed with the Koch's, if not literally.

Mikey McD

"There is no scientific consensus that there is anthropogenic global warming"


This is the most concise citation of George's factual claim I can find.

George Rebane

Thanks Mikey, I also posted that page from the WSJ and now can't find it. Here is a post that covers a lot that needs to be kept in mind about consensus. http://rebaneruminations.typepad.com/rebanes_ruminations/2009/11/global-fraud-round-two.html

And since the progressives continue to make consensus an issue to bamboozle the less-read voter, I will also have to re-address it, even though my voice is small but, for some reason, still demands their attention.

Russ Steele

130 German Scientists have written Chancellor Merkel explaining there is no consensus and no human caused global warming of any significance. More details at NC Media Watch.


Carly Fiorina took the lead in the Rasmussen poll shortly after making the statement Russ alluded to.

Not a coincidence.

Also, this is just me spitballing, but I think the internals for the Boxer campaign tell her she is going to lose and lose big. I'm basing this on two bits of information.
One is a post from Grist urging California Latinos to "get off their asses" and work to protect AB32, prsumably becasue atmospheric co2 impacts hispanics more then the rest of the California's population. How? Don't bother trying to understand it. It's enviro science.
Which means of course that it has nothing to do with science and everything to do with a desperate political party trying to inject a measure of race baiting into the issue.

The second is Barbara Boxer's staffer getting busted for marijuana possession in the halls of government. That doesn't happen by accident.
I interpret as a combination of the Boxer team trying to enlist the marijuana legalization people as a voting bloc to her side, or if the thing goes south after Boxer loses the incident will be trumpeted as the coupe de gris that sunk her campaign, giving the AGW nut jobs the thinest tissue of an excuse to cover their continued push for Green Socialism, after the crushing defeat.

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