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30 September 2010


Jeff Peline

The Union article was a news story, not an op-ed piece.
Your continue to be intolerant of any views that oppose your own.
People are catching on, however, and I'm proud to have been the one to help shine a light on it.

Barry Pruett

Jeff Pelline defends The Union! Get your coat...hell just froze over.

I had the same problem with The Union reporting financial disclosures. You have to read them very carefully to understand who is giving what and when. In fact, you have to read them over time. One form will not give you the answers...just pieces.

The Union is good about correcting mistakes, if any, and not clinging to undefendable positions.

Jeff Peline

If pointing out the difference between an article that runs on the news page and the op-ed page is defending The Union, yup I am. The article seems to have you all riled up, though. I guess it's been so long since you didn't "get your way" with The Union, that you're all in a tizzy. Expect more of that as The Union realizes its readership is much broader than you and your "old boys club." It has to be pragmatic about that — to survive. And the handwriting of "change" is on the wall. The Union is going to face all sorts of competition in coming years with a legacy print model.

Russ Steele

" Answer: It is our ability to attract, develop and unleash creative talent. That means men and women who invent, build and sell more goods and services that make people’s lives more productive, healthy, comfortable, secure and entertained than any other country.”

Right we bring the best and brightest to the US send them to our best schools, hire them in our top companies and then send them home to their county of origin, when their work permits expire, to manufacture the product that they learned how to create in the good old USA. Why do we force them to go home. The wealth is in the manufacturing not in the creation, which is a costly venture. Go figure!

Mikey McD

George, your commentary is spot on! I have 2 business plans which I cannot or am having a hell-of-a time trying to implement thanks to our overbearing government. I wish a politician was forced to go through these steps to see what kind of a monster they have created. The solution is less government at every level. We all miss out... think of the engines, cures, treatments, software, etc that will not be produced due to nanny government (despite intelligent folks desiring to create solutions).

In regards to ab32 one just needs to see the unemployment rate when it was signed (circa 5%) and the unemployment rate now (circa 12%). It would be evil to try to dupe voters into believing that excessive regulations, expenses and taxes create jobs.

Barry Pruett

The Union is a wonderful local paper. Thank the lord that someone did not let someone else turn it into the Chronicle.

Mike...you are spot onas always.

Jeff Peline

I'd be a big fan of The Union too if I were you. The paper sure helped cheer you on during the clerk-recorder election, with one reporting blunder after another. (The glaring omission of your involvement in the ATPAC lawsuit was a favorite — or the unflattering photos of your opponent). But you still lost by a landslide. You can always count on the voters to get to the bottom of things.

Barry Pruett

Why are you so angry?

But to get back on topic...one would think that the liberals would learn from the Soviet Union (20 years ago) and Greece and Spain (recently). We do not live in a vaccum and history has a habit of repeating itself, if we are not students. My father always says that a smart man learns from his own mistakes, but a wise man learns from someone elses.

Todd Juvinall

Barry, you still have a stalker! I dig these ruminations because I like scattershot and variation. George does a great job on information.

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