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28 September 2010



George, the NY Post reported at (http://www.nypost.com/p/news/local/manhattan/jad_monster_ball_Z7Km37ydJJJHSxgrxPtfbJ) of the secret meeting between Ahmedinijad, Louis Farrakhan and the Black Panthers. I hadn't heard about it and went in search for the source. Thanks for reporting what isn't by our local or regional media. That meeting is another serious threat to our national security.

D. King

Poor Andy!


When the House falls to the republicans,
I think there will be a lot of retirements. (overseas)

Zoltar also predicts, CPAs will have much work
tracking down Tarp money.

Wait….Yes, Zolta sees something….It’s the left’s
new favorite color…….Orange jump suite!


And…..looks like the EPA accidentally hit the “Self Destruct.”


D. King

That's Orange jump suit.

Mikey McD

Good list of solutions... there are ways out of this mess.

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