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27 September 2010


Mike Sherman

There is a law on the books allowing California to test those on welfare, but you'll never see it actually happen. I'm writing a book about my experiences as a welfare fraud investigator here in Nevada County. After 12 years of working within the system, I learned how the laws were written to protect the system, and those in it. I was in shock when I first came on board. As with most government programs, this one needs a major overhaul if we intend to help only the truly needy.

RL Crabb

That's not my cup of tea.

George Rebane

MikeS - would very much like to hear more of your experiences and insight. I wonder how hard it would be to set up such testing facilities. Their cost would be more than covered by the savings, and they would provide additional jobs. To get a check, the recipient would have to have a current and clean report on file.

Bob - be leery of being served tea in a see-through container with a colored screw-on top.

D. King

If this is what you ment by Renovating Ruminations,

I'm with Bob on this one. :)

Dixon Cruickshank

I also would like to hear more and Touche' to whomever wrote that

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