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20 October 2010



It's not believable that a leader of this caliber could have endured the trial of patience and principle in a corrupt education system to become a public school principal.

George Rebane

You have a point there Ben. As I said, it may all be a hopeful fantasy, but the message is powerful. I wonder what our local school district would do if one of our high school principals made such speech and then followed through.

Dave C

This piece was delivered on the Dennis Prager radio show last July.


George Rebane

Thanks for sourcing it Dave. Maybe all school districts should receive a copy so we can see if there's a principal out there with the 'balls' to deliver it. (The semi-quotes are intended so as to include female principals.)

Michael Anderson


I think this kind of message is perfect for the charter school movement. Let one, or a thousand, charter principals package this message and then let us see how America votes with its feet. I would support such an effort wholeheartedly.

What I would not support is that every school principal in the nation adopt this attempt to create a new zeitgeist by diktat. But I know that is not what you are suggesting here, I just wanted to clarify that for your readers.

Thanks for the post.

Michael A.

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