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06 October 2010


Steven Frisch

Don't you get it Paul Emery? You must either be a Ron Paul supporter, and be one completely, or not be a Ron Paul supporter. You must BE the Tea Party or not BE the Tea Party. You must BE a conservative or BE a liberal. You must BE a Republican or BE a Democrat. You must either HATE our government or be a liberal sycophant.

There is no in between, no nuance, no blending of philosophies to construct a personal political philosophy. No ability to simultaneously believe in the classical liberalisms of the 19th century and its civil liberties protections and recognize the economic and social complexities of the modern world.

Mikey McD

Paul, I consider myself a *green libertarian. However, it must be pointed out that I reached my 'green' direction or focus via personal education on energy policy, health/supply of our food, etc. First and foremost I think the ideology of a Libertarian allows each individual to focus their own pursuits (in this case on a "green" lifestyle) without government or society manipulation (read force). The successes of the American experiment stems from a libertarian ideology. The solutions to today's problems (and tomorrows) will most efficiently be solved by a free man.

*By green I mean making choices to protect/preserve the environment and decrease resource consumption (oil, electricity, gas, etc): "sustainability"

Paul Emery

Thank You Mikey I always appreciate your opinion.

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