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21 October 2010


RL Crabb

Once again we are asked to answer a question that has no answer. As a species, we just don't have enough information to make a rational judgement as to whether the universe just happened or whether we are a smudge on some petri dish under a cosmic microscope.

One thing is for sure...Believers of ID may not be creationists, but they did evolve from them. I continue to keep an open mind on the subject.

George Rebane

Interesting points Bob. Apparently both scientists (of all stripes) and religionists feel that there is an accessible answer. Both spend tons of money in its search.

Re ID adherents having evolved from creationists; that’s an easy call since we all – even evolutionists – evolved from those who held spot creation to be the answer. However, the philosophical evolution of ID does not have such a simple pedigree. Many (most?) scientists, as they get closer to the very small or the very large, conclude independently that the cosmos has an intelligent basis. Homo sapiens seems to be a unique species in that it is not satisfied with just the ‘what’ and the ‘how’, but also demands the ‘why’. Maybe it’s got something to do with “… in His image” and all that.

Were I to design a universe with curious critters, I would surely put the ‘why’ burr under their blanket.

John S

I think I have the solution George.
If you want answers you can depened on, the believers in creationism should gather up as much money they can from all over the world and fund a bunch of scientists (maybe the global warming scientists) to generate proof there is a god. It takes money George, and maybe religious believers have not invested enough with scientists. It has to come in the form of a grant.
Grant funding is the answer.

George Rebane

You may have put your finger on it John. And we do know that the IPCC has just the scientists who are up for the job and looking for their next gig.

D. King

And we do know that the IPCC has just the scientists who are up for the job and looking for their next gig.


Yes, the climate surfboard skeg is hitting the sand;
time to head back out to catch another wave.

Question: Why does man seem to evolve in step changes?
Is God a climate scientist?

Michael Anderson


Have you read this book, cover to cover?
"The Ancestor's Tale" Boston: Houghton Mifflin. 2004. ISBN 0-618-00583-8.

Yup, I know, Richard Dawkins, not the greatest friend of ID. But I think he gave Occam a run for his money with this work (his other books maybe not so much).

I won't read his "God Delusion," having determined via reviews that it is overheated polemic.

Michael A.

George Rebane

I have not even read its cover, but will if you insist. I own most of his writings and have become disenchanted with his arguments because he seems to either side-step or dismiss the 'probabilistic resources' issue.

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