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29 November 2010


Steven Frisch

But I thought all mUslims were 'ragheads'? How can a muslim be an American hero?

Your entire wrld view must be crashing down.

By the way, no mention of the point that arsonists stuck the mosque that the alleged culprit worshiped at?

George Rebane

SteveF - your reading skills are showing.

Russ Steele


Switch off your liberal reading filter, and read George again.

D. King

Thanks Paul.


If a tree falls in the forest, and no one hears
about the comment period, does it exist?

Dixon Cruickshank

That is good news and somebody else on the other thread pointed out there was a demonstration by the muslims denouncing the act - good points to both.

Steve I will give credit where credit is due, so far there has not been much of this frankly. When you do or say something that makes sense I will give it to you also and have at times before.

I want to say I'm kinda sorry as I did kinda jump on the cook thing, although you may be a very good chef, doesn't make you an expert designer of kitchens and I enjoy cooking as well - just to clarify

Todd Juvinall

Paul did a fine job on the sprinkler questioning. It seems we have created a monster of a bureaucracy in California. Mr. Walz mentioned quite a few agencies and each of them probably have a few millions dollars in help who sit around compiling new ways to control us.

Regarding the Portland bomber. The man was given every opportunity from the sting agents to walk away yet didn't. Thanks to his father, an Intel employee (apparently) his son will be away for a long time. The son was also reported to have clapped his hands in glee watching the people jump from the Twin Towers. What a slime!

I see the cook is wasting George's bandwidth again.

Steven Frisch

Bull crap...George can not state that all Muslims are enemies in one post and praise a Muslim for stepping forward in another message.

He has stated clearly that all Muslims are enemies of the United States and that attacking the west and its Christian culture it is an inherent characteristic of the religion.

Now a Muslim steps forward and does the right thing and George praises them?---totally inconsistent with his previous position.

Which is it George, every Muslim is an enemy, or some Muslims are friendly--and if some Muslims are friendly how can you uniformly attack followers of an entire religion.

Lying, bigoted bull crap.

Steven Frisch

Dixon, if you fell bad about attacking a person for their previous profession demonstrate a little trust her and tell us, what do you (or did you) do for a living?

Barry Pruett

"Bull crap...George can not state that all Muslims are enemies in one post"...

Steve - Liberal reading skills...Quote please.

Steve Frisch

What's Your City by Richard Florida
Empires of the Sea by Roger Crowley
The Crises of Islam by Bernard Lewis
On Private Property by Eric Freyfogel
Too Big to Fail by Andrew Ross Sorkin

I must admit that over the holiday week I read Fall of Giants by Ken Follett because sometimes a little mindless fiction is fun.

Steve Frisch

Barry, I just posted the last 5 books I read, plus a fiction bonus. A little proof of my reading skills. I'm wondering what are the last 5 books you read?

George is on record here as positing that the intent of Islam is the destruction of the west through jihad and thus every Muslim is complicit with the advancement of that aim and an enemy of America.

I'm just saying you can't have it both ways.

Todd Juvinall

Frisch must have the the liberal mind trap disease. He reads but doe not understand. He "feels" and forgets logic and common sense. Dangerous traits for sure. He accuses everyone else of consistency (a terrible conservative failing he says) and when that paradigm proves untrue he declares everyone is inconsistent. George can have whatever stance he desires and declaring the righteousness of a Muslim who does the right thing is not a moral crime. Frisch has no reading comprehension.

Steven Frisch

Hey reading comprehension dude...I think you mean that I 'accuse everyone else of inconsistency'.
For a guy who is writing about reading comprehension your sentence structure is atrocious.

Steven Frisch

What are your last 5 books Todd? You claim to be a self educated man who stays current on world affairs.

Lets have a peek under the kimono...what makes you tick?....what are your last 5 books?

George is simultaneously saying 'all Muslims are enemies of the west' and 'this Muslim is a hero'.

Which is it?

Todd Juvinall

Frisch, you prove my point with every post. Keep on trucking.

Sarah H

Didn't Frisch promise (at least twice) to leave this blog never to return? At least he is consistently untrustworthy- LOL- LOL - LOL! -

George, I am thankful that Mr. Mohamud did the right thing. I hope to hear more of his character. Thanks for sharing.

Paul Emery


From what I can tell the codes are created by the IBC Internationa Building Codes) , a non government organizations that does updates every three years that submits them to States and municipalities for adoption. The States do not have to adopt updates but they usually do. I would like to know more about this process if anyone has information.

Mikey McD

Paul did an outstanding job on this interview. It blows my mind that 'we' have allowed a bunch of bureaucrats to run our lives and they don't even have teeth! Their is NO need for an IBC to exist today. We could go back to 1980 building codes tomorrow without any safety issues. Human that thrive on controlling other humans- I hope they spend eternity gnashing teeth.

Steve Enos

"Mohamud’s father who first alerted the FBI that his son was turning into a raghead."

More racist remarks fro George, but nit a surprise. How wonderful, what's next, use the the "N" word too?

Wasn't it a Muslim that provided the info/warning recently, in advance about the bombs put on planes, you know the printer bombs?

Todd Juvinall

Paul, contact the ICBO for further information. Our Chief in Nevada County can probably help you. It is interesting the government keeps shoving these regs down our throats and when a fire goes thru we see the results in rural counties. Many unpermitted structures. This issue is one a a couple I agreed with Sam Dardick about.The more it costs the more avoidance.

Enos, the only person commenting that uses the N word is your buddy Frisch. You will find the difference between your ilk and we conservatives is we will give due where it is due.

Steve Enos

Fire safety in Nevada County?

The Board of Supervisors have reduced secondary road access requirements, approved second units with lower secondary and fire access over the objections of the firefighters, allows unrestricted home construction in designated high and extreme fire danger zones while allowing reduced road access, have fought against increased residential fuel reduction standards over the objections of firefighters and fails to listen to the insurance company's that write the fire insurance for these high risk homes.

We all pay higher insurance rates as a result, firefighers lives are placed at risk and homes burn due to the lowering of fire safety and access standards. Maybe this has somethng to do with the new requirement?

I worked in wildland and urban interface fire suppression for 16 years, put my life at risk, saw houses burn, saw fellow firefighters burn.

Steve Enos

"Raghead" is a racist term. It doesn't help any cause to use racist terms.

Greg Goodknight

Frisch writes "George is ... saying 'all Muslims are enemies of the west' "

No, he isn't, though I don't approve of the word he uses for Muslims who *are* enemies of the west. George, the R-word ain't specific enough to be a rhetorical positive. It will marginalize you more than it raises the rabble.

Todd Juvinall

Well Frisch, you seem to be proposing the paving over on Nevada County to reduce the fire risk. Amazing!

Todd Juvinall

Sorry, that was for Enos.

Steve Enos

No Todd, that is not what I posted. Please address the specific issues I raised and stop making stuff up. Why can't you have an issue based discusion?

I want what the fire service wants... good access, secondary access, good fuel reduction standards around houses and increased fire safety standards for houses built in designated High and Extreme fire hazard zones.

Mikey McD

In the name of safety many have become serfs. From the patriot act down to sprinklers in a home- liberty goes out the door. I will be able to dunk a basketball with broken legs before I believe that the IBC's building codes or Enos' tirade is really about safety. "No growthers" have no shame- they USE kids with asthma, kittens dying in fires, etc to push their agenda of control control control.

D. King

A good question would have been...
Who makes the in house misters
and where can I get one?
Follow the money.

Steve Enos

Micky D and Todd responses/posts make it clear that there is no hope to have an issue based discussion here on this blog.

I spent 16 years as a wildland firefighter and fire prevention officer for CDF and the USFS. I raised specific issues in my post on the issue of wildland fire safety. Todd and Micky respond with personal attacks that fail to address the issues I raise.

George... it's sad that a civil, issue based discussion can't take place here.

Paul Emery

It's disappointing to me how fast conversations degenerate on this blog. It's seems like no on wants to talk about issues and would rather revert to name calling and posturing. Too bad.

Dixon Cruickshank

Enos you made your point, maybe they don't have the money to do all those things,without raising property taxes and your broke already. If they recommend people do something and they don't - consequences are on them, if you build in a forest that might catch fire and burn your house down it is a personal decision - move to the mojave.

Dixon Cruickshank

As far as these misters, I don't think they are designed for forest fires, if the house is burning down where are you going to go - out of frying pan into the fire - people should have been long gone, big fires don't really sneak up you.

Wonder how many people per 100,000 actually die in house fires that some may have been saved with these things - probably hard to find numbers broken out to SFR vs apts. and some would have perished in any case.

Mikey McD

Those in need of controlling others USE safety as a means to their ends. On point- not a personal attack.

Mikey McD

I would love to see a follow-up with the father to see if he is embraced or outcasted from his Church. Will Muslims appreciate or hate Mr. Mohamud's American patriotism? Will the Muslim community openly praise Mr Mohamud's actions?

Dixon Cruickshank

Those in need of controlling others USE safety as a means to their ends. On point- not a personal attack

absolutely correct mikey - its always about the kids

now if we could just get them to stop chopping up eagles and falcons with the windmills we would have something - but its the kids with asthma we have to save above all else. Unless somebody wants to build homes near the eagles then they become sacred again.

Dave C

After wading through key points of the BSC sprinkler requirements, I note home additions will require sprinklers if the addition is 33% or more of the existing home square footage and all additions over 1000 square feet will require sprinklers.

Todd Juvinall

Why Enos thinks anyone disagreeing with his assertions are personal attacks makes me wonder about the stability of the gray matter.

My point about the fire rules has been debated by me ad nauseum for 30 years. I have lost the argument and now a house costs another 50k or so. Granny houses were triggering CUP's which the fire departments were requiring the landowner to do many costly things in the name of saving those people. Jim Harrington, God rest his soul, dealt with the fire department crap when he wanted to build a granny for his wife's elderly parents on Side Bet off of You Bet. Many people live on the road but the FD said he had to widen the road and trim back all the vegetation all the way to Yo Bet. About 1/2 mile. Well, hey what is another 25,000 when you are trying to take care of the parents and do the right thing. It was a joke. Had to be appealed and if recollection is any good, the FD backed down. But the angst and time and money were not their concern. They are all gone now except the widow of Jim and I suppose the last few years of their lives, filled with bureaucratic mumbo-jumbo were worth it?

Dixon Cruickshank

Good story Todd

Just to point another long lost fact in this discussion for Mr Enos

People in hell want ice water too

and to coin a great rock and roll band - you can't always get what you want, just get what you need

maybe some want sprinklers like SteveF, and he sure can have them and maybe some people don't seem to feel they need them - just say'in

Barry Pruett

Steve: Please post a quote in which George said "all Muslims are the enemies." I missed that one.

Account Deleted

Steve wants a civil discussion. OK Steve -tell us how many forest fires would be stopped by a few sprinklers in a few houses. Tell us how many firemen in Nevada County have installed sprinklers in their homes. Give us the date you installed sprinklers in your house. Tell me honestly right now that firemen are more afraid of getting burned or not having a pension (or a job). Don't start mixing in reducing fire loads as that wasn't in George's post. I think we all agree with that but it wasn't in the post and it's dishonest to start mixing it in now. A house that has fuel growing too thick and too close is going to be destroyed no matter what it is made of and how many sprinklers it has. I should be responsible for my own house and property but not my neighbors. I live on a road that is a traffic and fire access disaster. The county knows all about it but the tree huggers that work there refuse to cut trees down on their own right of way. If you want to cry about fire fighters go yell at the Sierra Club, not the conservatives. I'm with you on making things safer, but throwing money we don't have at the problem with no reasonable return isn't the way. We need to peel back a lot of useless restrictions, unwarranted fees and roadblocks thrown up by the government that serve only to slow down growth, and get folks back to work.

Steve Enos

Paul Emery summed it up...

"It's disappointing to me how fast conversations degenerate on this blog. It's seems like no on wants to talk about issues and would rather revert to name calling and posturing. Too bad."

Todd Juvinall

Oh please, he asked for answers and you dodge and whine. Grow up.

When I was in the Constitution Day Parade in 1989, I was riding up on the seat in Amos Seghezzis old convertible going down Broad Street. People started pointing and I looked back and saw a plume. We all new what it was. I flew over it in the CDF helicopter ad was at the command center with Gene Albaugh who was our County Emergency Officer. I got to see all those building now exposed which did not have permits. Why? Fees and regulations forced people to build and go around the rules. We now have more rules. We are reaching critical mass in America and people are fed up. We are sacrificing freedom for some leftwing nirvana and it ain't working.

Dixon Cruickshank

Steve people have engaged you with rational discussion and questions about the sprinklers about reducing fire load that has been blocked by the greens - your responce please as to the issues??

D. King

Steve Enos said:
Paul Emery summed it up...
""It's disappointing to me...""

Oh no, another sleepless night.
I so hate disappointing you guys!

Paul Emery

Speaking of building codes does anyone know what happened to Title 25 code alternatives?

Todd Juvinall

It is on the books but people don't trust the government so they go around T25 and build without permits. Ask your bud Van Zant, he knows.

Paul Emery

It would be interesting to know what percentage of Nevada County residents live in illegal structures. That looks like another unenforceable law. Are we seeing a pattern here?

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