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03 November 2010


Mikey McD

California is screwed.
USA reclaimed some balance.

Steve Enos

The California results make it clear. Prop 23 down hard across the board. AB 32 will move forward.

Time for George and Russ to move out of Califonia. Try Texas, that's were your buddies seem to be. Stay away from Nevada as Reid kicked ass there.

Rove will finish off the Tea Party folks now.

Todd Juvinall

Most Tea Party candidates won. I think you are projecting Enos.

Russ Steele

AB32 can move forward, but were will the subsides need for the green alternative energy going to come from? It is one thing for the Governor to bloviate about green jobs and renewable energy and it totally another thing for those business to prosper in the real world. Green business require subsidies and the New House of Representatives are not going to be handing our any global warming grants in the near future, and the state of California is broke. In fact the House has signaled they will be investigating the AGW hoax that AB 32 is based on. If the House concludes that AGW is a hoax, the green money train is going to dry up. What will California do then?

Steve Enos

Exit question: What will Russ do?

Will Russ continue to bitch non stop about how bad California is or will Russ take personal responsibility for himself and move?

Russ says California is doomed. Well that makes it clear. Russ... move out of California. You say you don't need a job and living here is way to expensive. Simple solution... move out of California... Texas seems to fit you well.

Bob Hobert

Steve - you show classic lefty hostility.

Todd Juvinall

What will Steve Enos do now that Nevada County has gone radical right? You know, the rotten conservatives that want to balance the budget, get debt under control and bring freedom back to the people. Steve, please, head off to Cuba man, Castro is beckoning.

Steve Enos

"now that Nevada County has gone radical right?"... what a hoot, it just ain't so.

Bob Hobert

In Nevada County, only 37% of registered voters filled out a ballot. That's hardly a ringing endorsement for or against anything, gentlemen. So don't pretend the county is going in ANY direction, except down the drain of history along with the state. Really - we can spend more money than we possibly have in perpetuity? We can shut off our essential life-giving energy supply on the political promise of a yet-to-come miracle breakthrough in energy production? No one can truly believe that. Can you? Now I am worried.

Barry Pruett


Let's take a look at the partisan races and the margin of victory by the Republicans running in Nevada County. I will rank them from most conservative to least conservative.

McClintock won by 16%
Logue won by 13%
LaMalfa won by 25%
Fiorina won by 14%
Whitman won by 6%
Maldonado won by 8%

In all of the statewide races, Republicans only lost one in Nevada County.

Prop 23 lost narrowly in Nevada County and primarily due to the misleading (and at times flat out lying) campaign run by the opposition...but that is politics unfortunately.

The rest of the state should be taking a cue from us up here in the hills

Michael Anderson

I think everyone here might get a good chuckle out of a Letter to the Editor that appeared in the San Francisco Chronicle this morning:

"With the Giants now the reigning champions and the Democrats firmly in charge in Sacramento, Californians must brace themselves for a flood of refugees soon to pour over our borders. From Klamath Falls to Chula Vista, and along the Pacific crest, barbarian hordes will seek refuge from the benighted red states where the Tea Party rules. It is imperative that adequate supplies of orange and black T-shirts be stockpiled in anticipation of this invasion, and that all possible hot tubs be commandeered for the naturalization ceremonies that are sure to follow. Amelia Marshall, Oakland"

I don't actually have a hot tub at my house, but many of my friends are filthy with them. Based on demand, it might be easiest to accommodate these naturalization ceremonies with some sort of interactive website. Thoughts?

George Rebane

In your dreams Michael.

Account Deleted

Let him dream, George - it's all they have. Who comes and goes to and from California has been well documented for years and the facts matter not to those whose realities exist in the clouds.

Greg Goodknight

I can't remember any newspaper identifying AB32 as The Global Warming Solutions Act of 2006 until after the election. Before 23 lost, it was always about putting pollution laws on hold. Now we hear that California's Global Warming laws have been upheld by the people.

It was California kids with asthma vs. blackhearted Texas oil companies. No contest.

It was easy to pass AB32 in 2006. Even I was a lukewarmer then. The ranks of skeptics and scoffers is growing, and despite billions having been spent, we have, according to James "Gaia" Lovelock reporting the heads of the world's leading climate science centers are "scared stiff" they've gotten the science wrong. Yes, dear friends, previously unknown effects that affect clouds and aerosols were the missing tiny amount of heat the IPCC attributed to positive feedbacks.

No positive feedbacks, no crisis.

Let me assure the No on 23 crowd, I'd be writing about this whichever way 23 had gone. It ain't a hoax, just lousy science.

Dixon Cruickshank

I hear the AGW champion is a goner at the EPA too

anybody have a net count on gree jobs this week? I think its neg and it cost 535M - I can't wait for the next great idea

Kim Pruett

After analyzing the voting statistics, Tom earned the most votes out of any of the Republican Congressman in California in this election. He gained 40 points in Nevada County, because he lost by 25 points here in 2008 and won by 15 points this election, so that is a 40 point shift in two years. Even though he lost in Truckee, he actually did much better this time around there. I think his community outreach and hard work in coming back to district each week made a huge difference.

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