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05 November 2010


Steve Enos

Why not one word about massive corporate money flowing into the R's (and D's too) and into a number of the propositions? Corporate lobby efforts and money are also part of the issue George.

Unions bad... corporatins good? Nope, thay both play a role in the mess we have going on. They both look out after their self interests. So why not include corporation money, funding and influance buying in the discussion about who controls what?

PS: Big 15th year sale this Saturday at The Range in Grass Valley. Should be a good time and some good deals to be had. Hope to see you there.

George Rebane

SteveE - the subject of this post was the special effect that unions have had on the fiscal health of governments at all levels. RR has never hidden corporate involvements in social policy when the topic has called for that. In the large and most certainly when compared to public service employee unions, corporations did not get California into its disastrous situation.

Dave C

I'll be interested to see how Prop 26 plays out against AB32 when the latter imposes fees of any kind.

Mikey McD

Our home finds optimism in the dire condition and direction of CA. The sooner we get to doomsday in CA the sooner we can rebuild on a foundation of liberty and reason. The regulate + tax = economic prosperity crowd can only buy votes as long as their checks don't bounce.

D. King

I posted this on Russ’s site.


When the money stops flowing from Washington,
and the unions get caught out with under funded
pensions, their members will have a simple choice;
keep working and get a paycheck, or retire with
next to nothing.

Zoltar predicts: Many high level union leaders will
soon retire (outside the United States.)

D. King

Dave C

This headline killed me when I read it. LOL!


Dixon Cruickshank

From reading posts at the FUE's blog any that end losing jobs over all this will just say its Corp greed - which it may well be to a point, but really its called Corp survival

although it seems to me all the yappers have actually no relationship with any business enitity at all

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