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24 November 2010


Mikey McD

I can see it now... soon gym members will be required to pay a special 'exhaust tax' to The State due to the increase in CO2 exhausted whilst they exercise and Physical Education in public schools will only be permitted on days when the 'dispersion layer' is deemed acceptable by the CARB Mothership. All while our politicians are permitted to fill the air with promises their butts can't keep.

Greg Goodknight

Prop 23 was fatally flawed and poorly sold. 'Carbon is bad and needs restricting, but let's wait until California's financial woes are solved' was a loser, especially when faced with massive spending by foes heavily invested in the Green bubble.

No on 23 advertising promised no pain, all gain. Nasty black hearted oilmen just wanted California's kids to breathe dirty air. No Cap and Tax, nothing about CO2. Just affordable green energy in everyone's future. What the people will eventually see, sooner not later, is higher prices; then they'll be wanting to know why the bait and switch?

Russ Steele


I agree that Prop 23 was poorly sold and they never challenged the crap put out by the "dirty air" propagandist. When I complained, they said that they had used focus groups to refine the message, and wanted to stay on message and not get into a gutter fight with the competition. I guess that was the only option when out spent three to one. The Pro Prop 23 did not have the money to be competitive. All the polls never asked the cost questions, how much were the poll targets willing to pay to reduce CO2. When talking to our local political leaders they kept bring up the poll results. Publishing bogus polls had an impact.

Todd Juvinall

There will be a tax on every transaction too.

D. King

More O.T. than usual!


Have you seen this?


George Rebane

Thanks Dave, that little speech to the European Parliament pretty well says it all.

D. King

Yep, it includes everything, Global warming,
housing collapse, flight restrictions, AB32,

The only question left is: Will the advocates
let the dream go, or, do they have an incarceration

Dixon Cruickshank

Good piece George but this market would equate to the penny stocks of yore - you are the market and the exchange, its a beautiful thing

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