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16 November 2010


D. King

Watch Joel Rogers calling them “useful idiots” by default.

George Rebane

Good link and worth watching to see who is pushing which way. Thanks Dave.

D. King

It's no wonder the bottom feeder groups
are scared to death of impending investigations.
Where did the stimulus money go? Show us the
I think this, along with issa’s EPA review will
spill over to California. Good old RICO.

Read the RICO Summary here:

Account Deleted

Here is another fact about what is coming with implementation of AB32 - "The California Environmental Protection Agency predicts that, by 2020, our GHG emissions will be about 600 million metric tons of CO2 equivalents per year. That’s an increase of almost 40 percent from 1990. Reducing our emissions by that amount in 10 years is an impossible task. It cannot be achieved even if we eliminate all passenger vehicles, trains, planes and boats. If we replaced all in-state, gas-fired electricity generation with solar and the wind, it would still require a 50 percent reduction in passenger car transportation fuel to meet the 1990 standard. Furthermore, all gas-fired plants will have to remain on active standby to switch into service 70 percent of the time at night and when the wind dies down. The result will be higher-cost electricity for all."
This was from a letter to the editor from Dick Stegemeier - retired CEO of Unocal.
Pretty cool stuff, huh? That factoid about the elimination of all motor vehicles is not new and has never been rebuted. It uses Cal EPA and Air Resources Board figures, so please no thinking that it's nonsense cooked up by the anti-AB32 folks.
And all of this just so we can "set a good example". The world's weather will not change at all even if we do manage to meet the goals. I have to believe that once the sheeples get wind of what will actually take place, we will get rid of AB32. However, how much carnage and lost business will happen in the meantime?

Greg Goodknight

We do live in interesting times. AB32 will not stand the test of time, nor will the people of California sit still for rising energy prices coincident with falling beliefs in AGW. The "No on 23" campaign fooled the people once. The shame is on them.

Mikey McD

I agree with Goodnight "AB32 will not stand the test of time, nor will the people of California sit still for rising energy prices coincident with falling beliefs in AGW" nothing like rising energy prices amidst increasing unemployment to fire up the uneducated masses. Common sense solutions (lower taxes, fewer regulations) will be used to strengthen the economy OR a busted CA will rebuild upon a foundation of personal liberty (lower taxes, less regulation, etc).

Russ Steele

One study related the GNP of a country to the amount of fuel burned. "The GDP should be roughly proportional to the amount of fuel burned in that country. (Bejan 2009)." Bejan was thinking in terms of country's, however Calfornia's GDP is around 7th in the world when compared to some countries. (Number varied from 5-9 depending on when time the slice was taken and the study parameters.) If California reduces fuel consumption, will the GDP fall as well? That seem to be case that Bejan 2009 is making.

There is more on this discussion at WUWT, including a great chart that shows how much energy is lost during transmission. I wonder of transmission loss are considered in the AB32 calculations?

Bob Hobert

More California Insanity


Pelosi is new house minority leader.

This is actually good news for the 2012 election. Bring it on.

Dixon Cruickshank

I thought the same thing Bob, doesn't mean much for the next 2 yrs except a target

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