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05 November 2010


Mikey McD

I liked Keith (and most musicians for that matter) better before I knew his anti-liberty, reason bankrupted and selfish ideology. I liked him better when he was on ESPN.


RL Crabb

Keith is just the mirror reflection of Sean Hannity. Both have their noses so far up their party's heinies they'll never smell roses. Fox encourages this kind of fealty, NBC doesn't know which end of the donkey to bow to.

Mikey McD

It is very telling to know the recipients of another man's political contributions. Ironically, though neither Keith or I live in Kentucky we both gave $; I for Rand Paul, he against Rand Paul.

Todd Juvinall

I didn't read anywhere where Hannity gave money to a candidate so I can't agree with Crabb. Keith is analogous to Pelline in that he gave money to a candidate and then praised that candidate ad nauseum. No ethics.

Bob Hobert

I wish the world series were still playing instead of politics. Imagine if that parade in SF had been in support of the Constitution (The Rule of Law).

RL Crabb

Hannity donated $5000 to Michelle Bachmann's PAC. Also, Hannity, Beck, Palin and Huckabee appeared at fundraisers for numerous GOP candidates and formally endorsed others.

Open mouth, Todd, and insert your own words.

Todd Juvinall

Why golly Crabb, I was asking the question, why so snotty?

Dixon Cruickshank

Fox says that the opinion people are OK and they are OK with that - that isn't a secret

not sure what the real point is - nobody in their wildest dreams felt he was in the middle and being balanced.

Paul Emery

"In partisan political campaigning, everyone gets to toot their own horn no matter its size, and it’s best so long as everyone else also gets to know who the tooters are."

Yes George, I agree. It would be nice to know where the million dollars came from that went to the TPP a month before the election.

"I’d rather see that kind of open support than the stuff that George Soros and other big swingers are doing in quietly backing organizations that support other organizations that support …, well, you know what I mean."

George Rebane

Agreed Paul.

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