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01 November 2010


Jeff Pelline

You forgot to congratulate NorCal's only NL team for winning.

Russ Steele

Hungry mobs in the street. Unemployment payments are coming to an end the unemployment offices have stated hiring armed guards. That is only the beginning of the problem. The lefties have no idea the amount of anger that is building behind the walls of foreclosed homes and empty factories. State bankruptcy will unleash that anger. When there are hungry children at home, and there no other options, irrational behavior takes over and the people will take to the streets.

Steve Enos

George, what the ehck is stopping you from moving out of California? You seem to hate California and seem to hate most of what we are and where we are going... move to Texas!

California, love it or leave it!

Doug Keachie

One last thought for the TTP addicts:

If Obama had won and run in 2000, and did exactly everything as Bush did, and the Dems controlled the Congress until 2006, and then Bush won in 2008, what would have Bush and the Repubbys have done any differently to straighten things out, and how far along would they be?

Todd Juvinall

Why speculate when the proof in in your face. The republicans drove off the reservation regarding spending and the electorate booted them. Bush was ripped to shreds every day for eight years by the lamestream media and became persona non grata. The country bought "hope and change", at least the left anyway, and you got your candidate elected. Stop whining and watch the returns tonight. If it goes as the polls show, Obama will be spanked real well and your precious liberals in Congress will be given a layoff notice..

George Rebane

My apologies for the omission. JeffP is right, I should have added a congratulatory note to the SF Giants. They were magnificent.

Re California’s future – a number of scenarios are possible for us to all agree on their plausibility. But we then would attach (and have already attached) markedly different likelihoods for their realization. Without a radical change from our current course, I agree with Russ’s assessment. We’re in for some rough times.

Mr Keachie brings up an interesting ‘what if’ that bears little on the current world, but nevertheless, does pose an entertaining thought experiment. Had this scenario been presented to us, I don’t believe that W would have struck out toward socialism, but he may have succumbed to the Keynesian stimulus bug (after all he and the Democratic Congress did give us TARP). In any event, had W embarked on Obama’s current path, I would have opposed him with equal vehemence – unto even joining the Democrats should they have chosen to champion the opposite tilt. One must remember, I am an ideologue first and choose my affiliations to most closely match my belief system. Others are loyal to parties and follow them wherever they lead.

Steve Enos

George and Russ, reminder, big sale this Saturday at The Range in Grass Valley. Always nice seeing you two there... at least we share that!

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