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15 November 2010


Russ Steele

I find it interesting that the Tea Party Patriots have moved from powerless wing-nuts with no significant influence to having the power to shut down the government. That is a huge upgrade.

bill tozer

Charlie Rangel has just been found guilty on 11 counts. Having the taxpayers build that statue of Charlie in front of the learning center was not one of the counts. LOL. Now, he will get his wrists slapped by the House Unethical Committee for hiding $500,000 he had in a secret account, not reporting income from rentals, and acquiring 4 taxpayer subsidized apartments, including one he used as a campaign office. Poor Charlie. He can't afford a lawyer. Brings a wee tear to my eye.

Dixon Cruickshank

Maybe all the lawyers finally found God or something

Dixon Cruickshank

I can't wait for Waters, she will not be able to keep her mouth shut and her best defense would be to walk out

Michael Anderson

Any Congressperson with 20 two-years terms has to be corrupt, by definition.

I'm not a big fan of term limits, but ol' Charlie's the poster boy for 'em if there ever was one.

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