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22 November 2010


Mikey McD

Re: Sarah- 1.)one need only look at our current pres. to know that experience is not a prerequisite. 2.) One of Sarah's most redeeming qualities was her unconnectedness to the political establishment... I fear that her waiting only provides ample time for her to sell out the the machine.

George Rebane

Of course you are right Mikey. My admittedly naive hope is that Palin is one of those rare politicians who will not sell out.

The best I can tell is that President Obama is also such a politician. He declared his ideology and (un)principles to me as a candidate - i.e. that he was a socialist cum communist, and that he would do whatever was needed to promote that ideology. And as we have seen, he has flown hot, true, and normal.

Todd Juvinall

Tom Sullivan said today the government came out with the costs from the 9 years of the Iraq war and it was less than the first Obama stimuli. The caller was arguing it. It was rich.

George Rebane

Todd, when I talk with my liberal friends about the cost of the Gulf2 'wars', especially as a fraction of GDP, they are incredulous. Their own propaganda channels have represented these wars as being some kind of limitless drains on our economy. Not even close, especially when we consider the marginal cost compared to just maintaining, updating, and keeping trained our peacetime military.

And for the progressives (Keynesians), the wars should be a celebratory event by all the jobs they have created - a hell of lot more than the so-called stimulus packages of Bush2 and mostly Obama. Our electorate has never been taught the ongoing costs and benefits of America as the world's hegemon. It will be an eye-opener for the sheeple when/if/as China assumes that role.

Steven Frisch

Run Sarah run!

Hey Greg do you think someone with a communications degree from University of Idaho (with stops first at Hawaii Pacific University, North Idaho College, and Matanuska-Susitna College) is qualified to be President?

Just sayin'

By the way, the annual core US defense budget is $663 billion. This does not include more than $400 billion spent on other defense related expenses, such as homeland security, intelligence etc. Our annual defense budget is more than 6 times higher than the next closest nation, China. Since WWII US defense spending has sucked up more than 42% of the federal budget, paying brainiacs like George to plan for the past war, while a bunch of rogue terrorists with box cutters can take us down and cripple our psyche using asymmetrical warfare.

Just sayin'

Barry Pruett

Wow! "...do you think someone with a communications degree from University of Idaho?"

Elitism on display!

Exit Question: Do you think a short order cook is qualified to run an environmental non-profit in the Sierras?

Answer: Both questions are stupid...

RL Crabb

Well, George, I'd have to agree with you that Hillary would have been a better choice for the Dems, but they got caught up in the Fantasy Liberal Utopia and voted for the guy who talks good.

With the war as economic driver, does the cost include 5000 Americans who gave their all to prop up a pair of failing/failed states?

All this reminds me why I register "decline to state", although it should be "decline to vote for either of these brain-dead parties."

Todd Juvinall

Frisch, you crack me up. Of course Sarah is qualified. America is a great place. Even you, a cook-rent seeker can run for election to any office (political) and have a chance to win. I am just a humble high school graduate with a bit of college and the good people in the county elected me. Twice! So what cracks me up about you self proclaimed "important" people is you just tear people down without realizing you are looking into the mirror of failure. America elected your guy, a community organizer from the streets of Chicago to be our national leader. Though I oppose him politically, I marvel at the greatness we as Americans possess in that he could and was elected.

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