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27 November 2010


Steven Frisch

This must be the post you were referring to when you said "wait till they see my next post".

Tell me when are you going to start calling black people niggers? and Hispanics spics?

Steven Frisch

By the way, I your 'great divide' version of American separatism would Muslims be excluded? Just how would you pull that off if you contend that the 'great divide' is about people willingly separating themselves? How would you keep 'ragheads' out?

D. King

Really George?

Even fish and game bans certain kinds of baits, because
it’s just too easy to catch the Frisch…err…ah…I mean fish.

Barry Pruett

Frisch: I am disturbed by your rhetoric. Do SBC members condone this type of language and behavior?

George Rebane

David, now admit it, that was too easy for you. Sorta like shooting them in a barrel ;-)

George Rebane

SteveF, to be sure that you understand. The ragheads are my sworn enemies, and the sworn enemies of America and everything we stand for. Their way of life cannot coexist with ours, and they know it. Too many of us in the west don't.

But most who know you will expect you to continue obfuscating the divide between moderate Islam and those working for the caliphate.

Steven Frisch

Great just so we are clear, we are still in the Crusades.

Mikey McD

Steve is a racist.

Dixon Cruickshank

Steve the muslims don't WANT to be apart of anything here except the socioal welfare state when appropriate. Wonder how soon we will start to see some of the more radical elements elected to public office from their colonies.

Dixon Cruickshank

“This defendant’s chilling determination is a stark reminder that there are people — even here in Oregon — who are determined to kill Americans,” said Oregon U.S. Attorney Dwight Holton.

We’re not the ones who need “stark reminders” about bomb-wielding nuts named “Mohamed” plotting to kill infidels in the name of Allah. MM

Exit question: what was the most popular name for boy babies in England last year

Steve Frisch

Nice to know that Dixon knows every Muslim in America.

Michael Anderson


The term "raghead" really has nothing to do with terrorism, so I am not sure why you insist upon using it when rightfully condemning Mohamed Mohamud for his attempt at projecting pathological violence.

These kids remind me of the Weatherman group from the 70s, with an almost Jim Jones-like dedication to a completely brain-dead cause. But "ragheads" they are not.

Here's the common definition: "An ethnic slur used against Arabs, Indian Sikhs and some other peoples, denigrating them for wearing traditional headdress such as turbans or keffiyehs. Sometimes used generically for all Islamic nations. See Towel Head."

Of course, you are free to use the term as you please, it's your First Amendment right. I would never suggest that you be censored. But I ask you again: to what point?

The Mohamed Mohamuds of the world always ultimately fail because terrorism is absolutely the worst tool for building successful nations/civilizations/societies where truth and justice reign supreme.

So, one more time George, why use the term "ragheads" when that slur does nothing more than remove the focus from the violent pathology that must be excised, and instead place it regrettably on the slur?

Michael A.

RL Crabb

I agree with Michael. You'd think an old Estonian who survived the purges of "inferior races" by Nazis and Commies would see the danger of condemning an entire faith or group to extremism.

RL Crabb

By the way, for those of you who get the print edition of The Union, the attack upon my house by a decrepit maple tree is featured on page two of Monday's paper.

Despite this cowardly attack, I do not see all trees as the enemy.

George Rebane

Michael - I have made my case for using the 'raghead' appellation in the linked essay. The formal definition fits it well. While no one claims that terrorism is an effective tool for nation building, it is absolutely the best and most effective tool for destroying highly organized and civil nations. History overflows with validations.

I cannot make the connection between ragheads and Weathermen, the differences are glaring. However, for those who need that connection to get their juices flowing against ragheads, that connection will have to do.

Bob, 'ragheads' do not condemn "an entire faith or group to extremism". I have made that painfully clear.

Finally, I'm willing to abandon ragheads (which I always qualify with the link) for a better pejorative label that identifies this sub-group of Muslims with their ruthless and effective approach to colonizing the West. But it needs to be a hell of a lot better than ragheads which distinctly points to and highlights that aspect of Islam prominently and catastrophically operating in the world today.

In sum, in this world war I am unable to join you in what I see as feckless 'more civilized than thou' tongue-clucking.

Todd Juvinall

Funny, Frisch never answered my question about the makeup of ethnicity's in his office back a few months ago when he was pulling the same crap about the TPP being racist. He told me to shove it. I think he is a closet racist, now exposed for all to see. Regarding ethnic terms for a people. I refrain from that but I understand why people do it. There is anger at people that kill others and golly, that anger may just manifest itself in a pejorative term. But like any good bleeding heart liberal, Frisch and his ilk will try to elevate themselves over the great unwashed who are just not as pinky pointing as they.

Dixon Cruickshank

Steve no I don't know everyone actually none but I did have one of the most famous in the US tenured here at the Univ of So Fla, old Sami. " He was such a nice man and did so much for the community", you probably didn't get as much covergae as we did I'm sure. Do you realize the 3 muslims brought into the pentagon after 9/11 for constructive disscussions are all now heads of various terrorist organizations around the world? There is no such thing as a moderate Muslim

bill tozer

Meanwhile, a fire was started in a mosque in Corvallis, Oregon. Probably arson. Fire contained to the office. Just happened to be the same Mosque that the Portland Christmas Tree bomber attended regularly. He was stung by the same FBI team that the pc Portland City Council decried as racists and picking on poor American Muslims. The Portland Police also refused to cooperate with the FBI team. The teen bomber was quoted as saying that Portland was an easy target because "no one is watching Portland". The FBI gave the teen many chances to back out, pointing out that many innocent women and children would be killed. The teen bomber went ahead with the exact intention of killing many innocent women and children. He is a raghead. At least the Somali Muslim/Americans held a rally this morning denouncing violence and terrorism. They are not ragheads.

George Rebane

Agreed Bill. Thanks for the update.

Dixon Cruickshank

Thats a first, and very welcome actually

Steve Frisch

Just to be clear, the point I am making is that anti-ethnic/anti-religious rhetoric like name calling (rag head) is indirectly responsible for creating a climate of ethnic/religious hatred where violence is seen an acceptable alternative. In cases like this one it helps the criminals that burned a Mosque in Portland rationalize their actions.

This is not to say that I do not equally condemn the violent rhetoric of Al Queda--I do--but it says that if I act like Al Queda I am no better.

Finally, it is the strategy of Al Queda to get Americans to overreact to their provocations in order to build their membership and support.

In short George,if you act in an uncivilized manner, you are doing the bidding of Al Queda.

Todd Juvinall

Oh please Frisch. If someone is sawing your head off as you scream are you supposed to engage them in sweet talk? You liberals name call conservatives and condemn the ideology very single day and then complain conservatives do you wrong for responding. To defend oneself from Al-Queda requires courage and tenacity, along with a committeemen to sacrifice. Liberals possess no courage because they are hiding under their beds as conservatives fight to protect the planet from despots. Please stop embarrassing your ilk with your inane comparisons.

Dixon Cruickshank

"Just to be clear, the point I am making is that anti-ethnic/anti-religious rhetoric like name calling (rag head) is indirectly responsible for creating a climate of ethnic/religious hatred where violence is seen an acceptable alternative. In cases like this one it helps the criminals that burned a Mosque in Portland rationalize their actions."

Just to be clear the bombs came first before the rhetoric - fail

do you really think they all read Georges blog and then dance around yelling God is Great, pretty cool George, your bigger than I thought

Michael Anderson

George wrote: "In sum, in this world war I am unable to join you in what I see as feckless 'more civilized than thou' tongue-clucking."

Well, you won't be joining me there. I am not a proponent of enforcing, compelling, or boycotting the lack of, politically correct speech.

Look, I really do understand your comparison of "raghead" with "jap" and "kraut." And you have made it very clear that your goal is to dehumanize ethnic Arabs who embrace terrorism, such that killing them ruthlessly carries no emotional aftereffect for both the soldier and American society.

My only, very narrow point, was that in the audience to whom you are writing (the readers of this blog), the term "raghead" becomes the issue as soon as it is used, taking the focus away from the terrorist and her deeds.

Perhaps if the terrorist threat were more salient--if it was at the level of threat Americans felt during the early part of WWII when the Axis powers seemed eventually capable of physically invading our coasts and carpet bombing our cities--the term would not have such a negative reaction.

Not all terrorists in the world today are on the same team. Who knows what drives a kid from Portland, whose father follows Islamic faith but is certainly not a terrorist, to decide to blow up a bunch of innocent people? But I think we can be reasonably sure that his motive is not the same as the middle-aged Iraqi female who wades into a crowd of police recruits with a suicide belt.

Dixon Cruickshank

Absolutely the same, and just an FYI they don't line up across an open field and walk slowly towards each other anymore either - different world

The threat of WWII invading our coasts - sir I must tell you, they are here, they have invaded our coasts from NY to Portland - we have just been lucky beyond belief.

In the last year = 12 months, 3 bombers - averted 2 from incompetent bomb making and the 3rd from stubbling on this kid trying to contact a terroist - if he had responded sooner we would have missed him too.

They are here Mr Anderson make no mistake.........

George Rebane

MichaelA - It appears that you have not read 'Of Ragheads and Racism' or have totally misunderstood it. I quote from there -

"No matter how else we may think about them, they are living, breathing human beings dedicated to their way of life with determination and willingness to sacrifice that is beyond our ken, and most certainly beyond what we in the west have ever experienced. Our public mood and motivation to fight them is pathetic. We would rather respond from a remotely controlled Predator that fires a nice sanitary Hellfire missile at something in the crosshairs from 20,000 feet. And when we do send our fighters over there to hunt them out, we admonish them with a set of standing orders the size of a phone book, and promise to prosecute them to the full extent should their bullets or emotions stray. The jihadists and their supportive populations know that we are neither serious nor dedicated opponents. They see no fire in our bellies."

Our current anti-terrorist policy already dehumanizes them. I want to re-humanize them and fight them as what they themselves claim to be - people whose values, behavior, and social policies are anti-thetical to western culture. I cannot judge them on the cosmological plane, but only in the here and now where they are my sworn enemies. I do that as a child, student, and defender of western civilization.

I also want to treat with equally maximal effectiveness the threat from a teen-aged and a mid-aged Muslim terrorist wherever they may operate. Preventing a Muslim from becoming radicalized is a problem no one has yet to solve. Perhaps you will be the first.

Please re/read my apology on this.

Michael Anderson


I actually did reread "Of Ragheads and Racism" before I posted above, just to make sure I was as precise as possible. I did take note of your written conflict between dehumanizing the terrorists by calling them ragheads and humanizing them to build fire in our belly. I decided that since "raghead" was what we were discussing, comparing that term with jap and kraut was the most cogent. But this is all quite complicated, to be sure.

I agree that we want to treat all terrorists with maximal effectiveness, but radicalization does not just spring from the dysfunctional Muslim. Having been close to the 60s revolution I saw first-hand the organic chemistry that cultivates radicalization. This cultivation is multi-faceted, somewhat mysterious, and quite deadly before anyone has a chance to create an antidote to its poisonous blossoms.

"Perhaps you will be the first." Doubtful, but I thank you for the encouragement.

Michael A.

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